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Terror attack: Witnesses speak of horror as knife-men storm restaurant stabbing diners

by LLB Reporter
4th Jun 17 2:00 am

Horrific eyewitness accounts

A witness speaks of the horror that unfolded Saturday night as people were eating at a restaurant as the London Bridge terrorist attack unfolded.

It has been reported that at least seven people are feared dead at a steak restaurant in London Bridge and it has further been reported that a van was driving at 50mph repeatedly ploughing into pedestrians.

Jag Sandue was dining at the Black and Blue restaurant in Borough Market when men stormed in with kinves.

Sandue said to the Sun Online: “There were people throwing chairs and glasses outside and I thought it might just be a fight. Then I realised it was more than that, people were running.

“Next thing we know, they’re in our restaurant. People were screaming ‘they’ve got knives’.”

Another witness who was also at the restaurant said: “I saw a bottle flying.

“I said ‘oh my god, what’s going on there?’

“And they (friends) got up and the next thing was just pandemonium.

“Everyone was running into the restaurant and the next thing they were shouting was ‘move, move, get out the way’.

“We got under tables.”

She added: “As we were running out the restaurant, we saw blood. Blood was everywhere.”

This dramatic footage shows the moment when armed police run into a restaurant and bar telling everyone to get down.

Ben Leo a reporter for the Sun who arrived at the scene minutes later, said: “One woman was frantically being attended to but she was lying in a massive pool of blood, absolutely still. It looked like her throat had been cut.

“I turned to my left and saw two more men with mangled legs — again lying motionless on the pavement. Just at the bottom of London Bridge was the van, which looked like it crashed into a lamppost.

“It was white with the orange B&Q sign on the back doors, which were flung wide open. Nobody knew what was going on — people were screaming and walking around completely stunned.”

“Armed police arrived and sprinted down a set of stairs into Borough Market.

“Shortly after gunshots rang out. It sparked mass panic and a huge group of people began sprinting back down the street. We were running for our lives. I felt sick.”

Another witness who is in the Mudlark pub said a woman in her 20s came in with her throat cut. “It was a very deep cut. There was blood everywhere. She was with her friends. Blood was spurting out. It was awful. Absolutely awful.”

A BBC reporter, Holly Jones who was at London Bridge when the terror incident happened, said “a white van driver” travelling at an estimated 50mph had “veered off the road into the crowds of people” who were walking along the pavement.

Jones added: “He swerved right round me and then hit about five or six people. He hit about two people in front of me and then three behind.

“I’d say there are about four severely injured people. They all have paramedics assisting them at the moment.”

Tony Murphy, who is ex-military and lives near the area told Sky News he heard gunfire.

Murphy said: “I thought at first it was fireworks then I recognised it was significant gunfire and that was the first instance.

“There was rapid fire because that’s why I thought it was fireworks.”

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