Sunshine or cold snap? Here’s how the weekend is going to be


Brits will get to enjoy ‘fine weather’ over the weekend before a dramatic drop in temperatures from next week.

Some regions in Britain will get to witness sunshine (highs of 16 or 17 Celsius) over the week due to southerly winds. The temperatures, however,  will fall sharply to 6 to 8 Celsius from next week as colder air from Europe arrives.

“We’ll see much more sunshine developing both Saturday and Sunday (and) blue skies for many this weekend,” said Alex Deakin, meteorologist at the Met Office.

“By the time we get to Monday morning’s commute to work the weather patterns will be looking very different. It’s going to be an awful lot colder… you will notice that drop in temperatures.”

From November 26 onwards, it is expected to get very chilly especially in the south.