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Sturgeon demands Boris ends ‘travel loophole’ into Scotland

by LLB Reporter
15th Feb 21 2:37 pm

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has demanded that Boris Johnson quarantines all people who arrive at airports in England that are then to travel to Scotland.

Due to the current “travel loophole” anyone who flies from a “amber” list country and then travels to Scotland can avoid the £1,750 stay in a Scottish quarantine hotel.

Anyone travelling from a “red list” country must spend 10-days in a hotel for quarantine, whilst in Scotland they have to stay at a managed isolation facility.

The SNP have demanded that all people who arrive into England and then plan to head to Scotland should be placed into isolation prior to travel.

Downing Street slapped down the SNP and suggested that Holyrood should police their own Covid rules.

Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said on Monday, “If you enter England, we’ve set out the detail of the quarantine policy.

“If travellers arrive in England from a red list country and wish to continue travelling to Scotland they first have to complete 10-days managed quarantine in England.

“If a traveller arrives in England from an amber list country and wishes to continue to Scotland they will be able to do so but will then have to follow Scottish quarantine rules on entry.”

He added that people who travel from non-red list countries “will be able to continue their journey” into Scotland, where by they will then “fall under Scottish quarantine rules.”

Scotland’s Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said the travel “loophole” could “potentially undermine the public health approach” adopted by the SNP.

“It is a loophole that has been created by the UK government and its failure to take action on the basis of the clinical, expert advice that has been provided on this matter.”

Matheson added, “The simplest and the safest approach to dealing with this is to have a comprehensive system in place.

“If the UK government aren’t prepared to do that, we could resolve the issue by simply ensuring those who are transferring on to Scotland have to go to a quarantine facility near to the airport they arrive at in England.”

Sturgeon has warned that she will push for the British government to “adopt more comprehensive measures.”

Adding, “The reason why we have decided to adopt stricter rules is because we think it is important to go as far as we can.”

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