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Strategies for boosting your Instagram brand

by LLB Reporter
2nd Apr 17 12:11 pm

Instagram has recently grown in popularity and as such businesses are definitely not ignoring this. Marketing and promoting in Social Media has definitely seen a rise in most recent times and while Instagram provides the option of making a Business account for you to upload your logo, add a bio where you include links to your websites and show photos of what exactly you are trying to advertise there is still a long way to go until success is achieved.

There are some basic strategies that need to be taken into account when going into Instagram Marketing.

Hashtags and Posts

A widely used feature on Instagram, and also other social media outlets, is the hashtag. Not a difficult concept to grasp and as soon as you see it used you’ll understand what it is. It is important here to strike a balance between the number of them you use as overdoing it will result in a negative outcome. People do not like to read posts where half of it is comprised of hashtags so a maximum of fifteen is the general rule of thumb to follow.

When planning out your marketing plan, make sure to consider creating some custom hashtags for use in your business. Consider something catchy or funny, readers need to remember it and be on their mind when exploring your brand. This will ensure that readers will have it stuck in their minds and immediately know what the brand is when re-visiting the hashtags.

In a world where automation seems to an ever present trend, replying to your followers should never be taken lightly. Even if you make use of Instagram bots to automate your accounts, try and respond as much as possible to comments as this will greatly improve your reputation with the customers and they will appreciate the effort you take in simply just talking to them

Followers and Likes

As is the case with most Social Media platforms, spam accounts are an ever constant reality when you start gathering a big following and, as counterintuitively as it might seem, they will not benefit your brand. They do indeed inflate the number of followers you might have and can look impressive at first but they do not provide actual interactions with customers and potential customers.

It is important to monitor your page with great care. Luckily, Instagram provides you with ‘’Insights’’, an analytics feature which will provide you with information on the type of users who are following your account and engaging in your posts.

Your followers can also help you advertise your products on Increditools.com by encouraging them to make use of the custom hashtags you’ve designed. This is not a surefire option for everyone but it can be a good way to promote your product.

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