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Stockholm attack: ‘Isis sympathiser’ kills four in terror attack

by LLB Reporter
8th Apr 17 11:03 am

The latest

Police in the Swedish capital Stockholm have arrested a man over the terror attack that has now killed at least four people and injured many, including children. The man is believed to be from Uzbekistan and is reported to be an Isis sympathiser.

The truck “deliberately” drove in to crowds of shopper’s zig zagging down the road in Drottinggatan Friday afternoon.

Swedish media has reported the man arrested is thought to be the driver.  The Aftonbladet newspaper said that truck was reported hijacked from a beer maker Sendrups early Friday.

The Swedish prime minister Stefan Lovfen said “everything indicates that this is a terrorist attack.” He went on to say he will not give in to terrorists trying to destroy democracy.

He added: “If it is a terrorist attack, and regardless of whether it was carried out by an organisation or a lone perpetrator, the aim of terrorism is to undermine democracy, to sow discord between people so that more people will begin to hate and distrust one another.”

“But those kinds of acts will never succeed in Sweden. We know that our enemy is this kind of vile murderer – not one another. We will use all of Sweden’s strength to track you down.”

“Our message will always be clear: you cannot suppress us, you cannot control our lives, you will never win.”

Terrorist bloodshed that has happened across Europe

Nice, France 14 July 2016: A lorry was driven at a crowd on Bastille Day killing 86 people and injured more than 300 after he drove for 1.2 miles of people.

Berlin, Germany 19 December 2016: A lorry drove through the crowded Christmas market in Breitscheidplatz killing 12 and injuring 49.  

London, UK 22 March 2017: Khalid Masood drove across Westminster Bridge killing five people and injuring more than 40. He was shot dead by police at the Palace of Westminster after he fatally wounded PC Keith Palmer.

Antwerp, Belgium 23 March 2017: Soldiers caught a man as he drove at a crowd of people. No-one was killed.

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