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Speaker John Bercow in no confidence motion tabled by Tory MP

10th Feb 17 2:13 pm

What will happen?

A conservative MP is hoping to increase the pressure on Common Speaker John Bercow after his comments to do with Trump, the MP is tabling a no-confidence motion.

Earlier on in the week Bercow said he would be “strongly opposed” to the US President Donald Trump addressing Parliament, he accused him of “racism and sexism”.

James Duddridge has said Bercow “overstepped the mark”, he didn’t expect his motion to be debated.

The Speaker is the highest authority of the House of Commons, they are expected to stay politically impartial at all times.

Duddridge told the BBC: “I’ve done this because Speaker Bercow for a long time has been overstepping the mark and with his comments on the state visit [of President Trump] he has clearly expressed views.”

“That is not the role of the Speaker, and it is impossible for him to chair debates as Speaker adjudicating on things he has expressed a view on.”

“I’ve tabled a motion to the House of Commons. I expect over the week of recess for people to be supporting that but they can’t actually sign it until the first day back.”

“But to be frank, I think there’s a very real possibility that once the level of discontent is known and Speaker Bercow sees the writing is on the wall he will go of his own accord.”

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