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Some inspiration to write on Instagram

by John Saunders
6th May 19 1:32 pm


In this article, we will give you some tips on what you can write about on Instagram. How you can get more engagement from your followers. And some new ideas for your Instagram account. All of these tips together will increase the chances you get followers, likes and comments.

“I predict”

For a change, write your opinion about the outcome of some event that is not obvious, a football match, for example. This will also encourage your followers to debate. Examples:

  • I think that 2019 is the last year for Ronaldo.
  • I am sure that Ilona Mask will succeed in making Tesla a profitable enterprise in 2019.
  • I believe that by the end of December, Game of Thrones will be viewed 100 million times.
  • I think gasoline before the end of 2019 will be worth two dollars.

To get more engagement, you can buy Instagram comments for Instagram. Make sure they are real comments because no one wants comments from fake profiles, or generic comments. When you decide to purchase comments, make sure the comments are specifically written for you by other Instagram users!


This is an inexhaustible source for Instagram posts – it is content that will absolutely fit with any profile.

  • Tell us how you are going: on a whim or with a checklist.
  • The story of the best / worst airline or flight.
  • Tell about your own life hacking traveler.
  • Write about what you expect from this trip.
  • Explain the history of the place to which you are going.

About work

Tell about your business. If you have Instagram just for your soul, then periodically show the place of your work and tell about it. Tell about your team, if it is a story about those who are always interesting even behind the scenes. Do not forget to publish reviews from your satisfied customers or just followers who like your blog. And about what changes are taking place around you, for example, your company moved to a new office. Show your workplace and tell about it.

  • Announcement – tell us how you plan to run your blog in the future in order to find your own way – maybe followers will somehow react to your plans and you will correct them.

You can also talk about your creative process, how you take a photo, how you write posts. It will be interesting to many, especially if you made all these cool pictures by putting a smartphone on the timer and putting it in a glass so that it would not fall 🙂

Other post ideas

  • Congratulations for the holidays (hint: almost every day is a holiday, for fun and happy cat day you can congratulate cats.
  • Thematic selection of films/books/ series.
  • Arrange competition with a prize – let followers write posts about you or your product.
  • Make a review on some product, for example, about your new phone or blender. Why not?
  • Conduct a survey on any topic. To do this, you can use Instagram Stories, and then attach the results to the post. The whole case study will be published in the future.
  • This is if you write really about everything. Just try to find something rare and interesting. It would be nice to write down your thoughts about the subject.
  • Recommend other profiles. This can be done by agreement with their owners (they tell about you, and you about them). And just because you really like what they do.
  • Take the results of a study that is close to your subject and tell about it, discuss with your followers.

“… Of the …”

  • “Word of the week” – enrich your followers’ vocabulary and your own. Publish new complex and useful words and their meaning.
  • “Event of the week” – publish the date of some important historical event with a short story about its place of influence.
  • Checklist for the month. Publish your plans and ideas, and then show how much of this has been done.

More ideas

  • Continuation of the previous paragraph. Offer your subscribers to post their checklist with a specific hashtag.
  • Your hobby, if you do something every day – this is a great source of inspiration and materials for posts (playing the ukulele, riding or swimming – everything will fit here, your achievements, success or failure – everything is content).
  • Saying thanks, to anyone, from an instructor from a driving school or a mother and, of course, your audience.
  • A post about items that are vital for you – earplugs, sleep mask, hand cream and so on.
  • Tell us how your morning routine – sleep to the last or getting up two hours early for training.
  • Tell the story of one of your followers.
  • Tell us about your good habits and how you developed them. Or about what you would like to teach yourself.
  • Explain to your followers what blogging gives you, what is it for you?
  • Older posts. Sometimes you can pull them out of your archives and show again, maybe your new subscribers have not seen them, and the posts deserve attention.
  • Tell about some secret places in your city or other cities that nobody knows about, but which are beautiful.
  • What qualities do you value in people?
  • Write a letter to your 18-year-old self, to be advised, what would you have explained to yourself?
  • You can dream. “What if…”. And any thoughts to continue this phrase. Fantasizing is fun.
  • Tell us how you imagine your ideal day and invite your followers to do the same.
  • And after that, you can write another post about how your ordinary day is different from the ideal. It turns out interesting and contrasting.
  • If you have a popular account, then surely you have some list of answers to the FAQ – publish it – it will be useful for followers, and you will reduce the time for endless answers in your direct messages.
  • You can make a list with questions that it would be good to ask, but no one has yet done so. And you can immediately give answers to them.


In this article, we gave you some tips on what to write on Instagram, how to get more engagement from your followers and some ideas for your Instagram account. We hope this article gave you some new knowledge and will help you with your Instagram account.

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