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Smart hairbrush detects breaking hair

4th Jan 17 11:22 am

Would you invest in the new gadget?

L’Oreal has unveiled a brand-new hairbrush which is filled with sensors, this tech helps consumers improve their brushing technique.

The Hair Coach will retail at just under $200 (£160), it contains a microphone, gyroscope and accelerometer as well as other sensors.

It will let you know if you’re brushing to hard by vibrating.

The brush was announced at this year’s CES tech show in Las Vegas alongside other new beauty gadgets.

The built-in microphone records the sound of breaking hair, the other featured sensors build up a profile on the way the owner brushes their own hair.

The brush can then share this data via wi-fi or Bluetooth onto an app.

The software uses information gathered to assess hair quality and will monitor the effect of different routines, it even recommends different products to use.

Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oreals’ research and innovation technology incubator told the BBC: “You’d be surprised by how many women around the world are concerned about hair breakage,”

“One of the biggest challenges when brushing your hair is making sure you don’t brush too hard and break the fibres.”

“That can lead to damage of hair that doesn’t look good for consumers.”

The new product is set to launch later in the year.

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