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Six start-ups that will change the future of interior design 2022

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7th Jul 22 5:10 pm

It seems as though everyone is talking about the Internet and new tech right now. For interior design, which may sound like something that is purely personal and completely offline, many people have become acclimated to sharing their homes with strangers across the globe for inspiration and just to showcase their style. These interior design review sites are revolutionising the interior design market by offering ways to make interior decorating easier, more accessible, and more affordable to everyone.

The interior design industry is growing rapidly due to the rise in popularity of online interior design services. This growth is expected to continue throughout 2022. As more consumers turn to the internet to find interior design solutions, the demand for these services will increase. Online interior design service providers offer a variety of products and services including interior design software, interior design templates, and virtual reality tours. Some companies even provide 3D printing technology to create custom furniture or other items. The future of interior design looks bright.

When you think about your own home, you might consider yourself to be quite artistic, perhaps even a bit of a perfectionist. You may enjoy putting together beautiful pieces of artwork, arranging flowers in vases, or painting a picture on a canvas. Perhaps you like to decorate your house with interesting items, or maybe you prefer to keep things simple. Whatever you choose, there is no reason why your home should not be just as beautiful as you wish it to be. An interior designer is trained to understand all aspects of designing and decorating a space. They will have experience with different materials, colors, textures, patterns, and styles. Using their knowledge and expertise, they will create a plan for transforming your home into something truly unique and special. The end result will be a space that you love, one that reflects your personality and taste.

This is a comprehensive list of companies that have changed the whole interior design industry. They make everything quicker, cheaper, and easier to access. Let’s check them all out!

1. RenoNerds 

RenoNerds is an online interior design review site that designed to help homeowners locate suitable interior designers for their renovation project. Browse through their database of interior designers, and select those who meet your needs. You may also choose to search for interior designers by city or state. Once you’ve selected an interior designer, you’ll be taken directly to their profile page. RenoNerds ratings are based on user-submitted reviews of homeowners. They collect authentic review about renovation experiences, and use this data to help homeowners make baseline comparison when deciding on an interior designer. Their ratings are not paid endorsements; they simply want to give consumers useful information so they can make informed decisions.

2. Spacejoy

Spacejoy is a marketplace for 3D printing, home decor, and other products and services. It allows users to browse through millions of items available for purchase. Users can also create custom designs and sell them directly to others. While browsing, you can sort items into different categories, such as “architecture”, “design”, “furniture”, etc., to find exactly what you need. Spacejoy offers a free trial period of 14 days. During this time, you can explore and test the platform without making any purchases. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, it has no additional charges. All payments are made using PayPal only.

3. Clairrow

Clairrow is an online toolkit designed to make interior decoration simple and accessible. It includes a library of free DIY projects to quickly update any room in your house, all made with simple materials like cardboard, tape, string, glue sticks, and spray paint. You can also create custom furniture pieces using 3D printing technology. If you need inspiration, you can browse various rooms curated by the designers, including kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kid spaces.

4. RoomLIFT

RoomLIFT’s design process is less computerised compared to other design software. Instead, RoomLIFT designs rooms with a small team of people. This means that each designer works closely together with clients. Clients often feel that RoomLIFT’s design process seems more personal, because there isn’t a big company behind the scenes pulling all the strings. It costs more than other products, but clients feel that it brings an extra touch of quality and service.

5. Havenly

Havenlyis a web design platform that allows you to collaborate with a team of designers and developers, all at your own pace. You choose what type of project you’re working on — whether it’s a landing page, blog post or full website — and then you pick out different elements like colors, fonts, images and layouts. Once you’ve selected everything you need, you simply drag and drop them onto the canvas. When you’re done, you click “publish” and your project goes live.


Houzz is a popular platform for interior decoration ideas. Its platform allows homeowners to easily browse through pictures of beautiful homes, apartments, and offices. Each picture comes with a description of the space, its dimensions, features, and even photos of the decorations inside. You can save these pictures to your account to view them later. On top of that, you can add your own descriptions and photos. To get started, you’ll need to create an account, but you can always use their paid version if you want to enjoy some added benefits.


In conclusion, these five startups will change the future of interior design. Some have already changed the way we work, while others are still in the early stages of development. But what if they could change our lives forever? It will be a world where everything is connected, every action has an impact on society and technology can help us solve problems that were once considered impossible.

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