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Six reasons your SEO campaigns are not able to move the needle

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22nd Aug 19 11:13 am

Every website on the world wide web is on the run to make it to the first page of Google! You, me and everyone else – there’s not one single person who is not fighting for that first spot that records the maximum visitors and highest conversions. But, in the end, there’s only one winner. But, what are the criteria that determine your win? The answer is very obvious – the efficiency of your SEO campaign.

One silly mistake and you could be back to number 45 from number 5. This is a competition and I don’t want you to suffer a backlog because of some reckless errors. So, here’s a list of most common 6 mistakes you MUST avoid if you want to top the list!

 You have been using outdated methods

In the 21st century; technological advancement is at its peak. If you are not taking the full advantage of it, you are bound to fail. Say, in your marketing strategy, you are still keeping cold calls #1, you will never succeed. It is important to adapt to the latest tech available out there. This is all the more applicable for SEOs as search engines like Google change their algorithms daily. Some examples of worn-out SEO methods are keyword stuffing, developing poor links or employing content machines. If you are still dependent on these, you just CAN’T expect Google to push you through the ranks!

You are not giving it the desired attention

SEO demands undivided time and attention to fetch you productive results. And, amidst the other core tasks of a business, SEO takes a backseat leading to a major drop in your online presence. The best rescue from this obvious muddle is outsourcing! Look out for the masters in this field of SEO like SEOlutions and let your website rest there. They not only fetch you an expert’s eye but also reduces your daily to-do list.

Your website is not giving the desired user experience

Sometimes when you are lost in the way, you just to peek within yourself for once and you will find your answer. That’s right; we are telling you to take a look at your own website. Is it giving the desired user experience? If your customer loves your website, Google will be ranking you way higher than you think. A good measure for this is customer’s attention span, say, if an average customer spends 10 minutes on to your website, you will be ranked way above from the website whose average customer spends 10 seconds. Speed, attached media, subheadings, title – all of this are determinants of an unforgettable UX.

You don’t believe in website analytics

If you have not bothered to set up website analytics, then do not be surprised, if you see your SEO efforts reaching the rock bottom. Analytics gives you a detailed review of your website’s performance and help you determine the necessary steps for improvement in the future. If you haven’t already, begin with setting up Google analytics, Google console, and other analytics tools. Keep a close watch on the results it generates and utilize them to craft better SEO strategies in future.

You are simply being impatient

Let’s be real, your SEO campaign will not result to be an overnight success (unless you have a magic wand!). You might be doing everything right, but, SEO is a game of patience and only patience. There is no meter to check whether your SEO activities will pay off or not. There have been cases when people almost lost all hope, ready to pull off, and just then, notices that they have jumped few ranks. So being impatient will not take you anywhere, keep calm and give your best, Sooner or later, the results are bound to come.

You are ignoring the power of social media

It is 2019 and still if you have not established your name on social media, then there’s nothing in the world that can make your SEO strategies work. The power of social media need not be explained in this generation when most of the conversations take place online. So the sooner you infuse social media in your SEO campaign, the better. In fact, Google gives exceptional weight to social shares. And thanks to tools like Canva, handling social media is no more a hassle.

SEO or Search engine optimization keeps you up to the ladder and well none of us want to be left out. So, watch out for these 6 blunders and get yourself back on track!

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