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Shocking video shows ‘cowardice’ Sussex cop 200 yards away from Co-op assault refusing to intervene

by LLB Reporter
3rd Jul 23 1:53 pm

A member of the public informed a Sussex police officer that an assault has taken place at the Co-op supermarket some 200 yards away from where the copper was sat in his car.

The police officer was asked why he is not attending the assault and replied, “but then I’ll have to deal with it.”

The exchange between the “cowardice” police officer and the member of the public was captured on dashcam.

The member of the public can be heard saying to the cop, “You need to get around to the Co-op. Honestly, there’s just been a fight around there because people are trying to stop the shoplifters that you’re doing nothing about.




I cant take credit for the guy speaking, I just witnessed some of the antics that day. #police #fyp #foryoupage #policerefusetopolice #Lancing

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“There’s a member of the public that’s just been assaulted by a 15-year-old girl who’s drunk, had a drink thrown in her face, got punched.

“People have called the police, we’ve come round here and you’re sitting here.”

The police officer told him, “I’m not a response unit unfortunately.”

The driver was clearly shocked be police officer’s dismissive response, he then asked, “Are you afraid to deal with it then?”

The officer said, “That’s not the point.”

The motorist sharply told the cop “that sort of is the point” then accusing the officer who was just sitting in the police car of “cowardice.”

He added, “That’s a pretty poor attitude I’m afraid.”

A spokesman from Sussex Police told MailOnline, “We are aware of video footage of a single-crewed Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) being approached by a member of the public to report an incident in Lancing.

“The matter was reported to us and a police officer attended the incident as an emergency.

“The PCSO also then attended the scene.

“The investigation into a report of assault and shoplifting is subject of a live investigation, and the victim has been contacted by officers.”

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