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Shippr: The delivery platform arrives in London

by Sarah Dunsby
24th May 23 3:40 pm

Shippr was founded in 2017 in Belgium by Romain Syed (CEO), Alexina Smet, Kevin Delval, Quentin Goossens, and Harold Waterkeyn. After handling tens of thousands of deliveries, the company launched its France operation in 2019. It is now expanding to its third country: The United Kingdom. The B2B tech company has raised €10 million to fund its expansion and is posed to be a leader in the urban logistics sector. It leverages technology to increase efficiency and sustainability in parcel delivery.

Using Shippr for efficient same-day delivery

Shippr aims at revolutionizing B2B logistics to make the process efficient and sustainable. The platform connects businesses in different industries with a vast network of independent couriers and transport companies. With this service, companies can get same-day delivery solutions across London. All deliveries are completed by experienced transport professionals. The service is customizable and can utilize various types of vehicles, ranging from cargo bikes to refrigerated trucks, and beyond.

For reliability, the platform uses features like real-time tracking, route optimization, and communication tools. Invoicing is also done automatically on the app, so delivery drivers will all enjoy high levels of convenience. The company offers customer support seven days a week, so any questions or issues can be addressed promptly.

Save time and money

Logistics is often highly inefficient, particularly because it involves a network of suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers. Still, it is a crucial part of business. Shippr helps to address inefficiencies in logistics in several ways. First, companies no longer have to worry about unavailable couriers as they will always be connected to reliable drivers and transport companies. The streamlined nature of the service also ensures that the recipients will always be available to receive the goods. Throughout the delivery process, the client will be able to monitor the progress of the delivery transparently.

Businesses that are trying to scale will especially find Shippr quite useful. This service will minimize inconveniences and help businesses save time and money. It is also flexible and allows companies to quickly manage fluctuations in their business needs. These fluctuations can arise from peak periods, staff shortages, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Drivers also benefit from Shippr

Shippr isn’t just a convenient platform for companies; drivers and transporters also benefit from the app. With this app, they don’t need to waste time finding new clients. They will always be linked to companies that need delivery services. The app also handles customer invoicing, so the driver can focus on deliveries. Another advantage drivers get is that the app optimizes their routes.

Independent couriers and transport companies who wish to join Shippr have to go through a legal document check when they sign up.

Shippr is focused on sustainability

Shippr is implementing a sustainable strategy that aims at minimizing its ecological footprint. The company has announced its goal of becoming BCorp certified by 2024. It will also be carbon neutral by 2025. In addition to protecting the environment, Shippr is taking steps to develop fair working conditions for everyone in its supply chain.


Shippr is a Belgian startup that is set to revolutionize the logistics sector. The company is quickly expanding across Europe. At the moment, it is setting up its operation in London and has been applauded for its convenience. It connects drivers and clients to guarantee same-day delivery. To do this, the company uses features like route optimization and real-time tracking. Its convenience ensures that companies can easily scale their operations.

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