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Seven mind blowing and incredible facts about global coffee industry

by Sarah Dunsby
9th Jul 18 11:24 am

Coffee is one of most loved things in the world. Be it a nice hot cup of black coffee that you need to wake up or a delicious iced coffee for sweet romantic date or the mouthwatering tiramisu at the end of a meal you love, these little beans can do wonders indeed! If you are a fan, or fanatic (well we’re not judging) of coffee, here are some interesting facts about the global coffee industry that might catch your fancy!

The global coffee market is growing

Coffee is one of the most sought after commodities in the world, and the coffee industry is growing exponentially. It should not come as a surprise since every other day there are new bafes and companies offering traditional to experimental to exotic blends while popular chains like Starbucks, Costa etc. are opening branches all over the world. This is indeed a great news for coffee lovers.

Poop coffee

Some of the most exotic and costly coffees come from animal poop, the most expensive being ‘kopi luwak’ or civet coffee. These nocturnal animals eat only the best coffee fruits. The undigested coffee bean is separated from the excreta, cleaned, roasted and brewed into a delicious cup of coffee which retails at over $200 per cup. Said to have aphrodisiac effects, this Asian blend of coffee is extremely smooth and delicious.

Spoilt for choice

Owing to its immense popularity, there is now a whole range of various kinds and flavours of coffee which has taken the humble bean to the next level. Producers are experimenting with various new ways of bringing more taste and flavour to enrich the palate of gourmet coffee lovers. It is also being rapidly incorporated into various drinks and food.

Millions involved

According to reports “600 million and 800 million people worldwide depend on coffee production for their full or partial daily survival” which makes coffee one of the most prolific means of livelihood that people have taken up. Over a hundred million families are involved in the production of the crop itself!

Everyone loves coffee

If you thought that coffee was something that the West solely patronised, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is a vibrant coffee culture all over the world. Countries like Egypt, Turkey, Syria etc. not only have a beautiful and ancient culture of coffee drinking, but they also boast of some mind blowing brews. Asian countries like Korea, Japan, India etc. are also catching up fast.

Coffee accessories are big

If coffee is sought after by everyone, can coffee accessories be far behind? From Keurig to Nespresso there is such a boom in the coffee accessory market. The new kid in the block, Gourmesso is an affordable Alternative to Nespresso Capsules and it has already captured the market like never before. From fancy cappuccinos to freshly ground and brewed coffee everything can be made in your own kitchen!

Developing countries are the biggest producers

Brazil is the top producer of coffee in the world. Not only does its climate favour the growth of this delicate plant, the cheap labour and affordable taxes make it a hotbed of production. Other big producers include developing countries such as Vietnam, Colombia, Ethiopia, India etc.

Now you can impress your crush with these fun coffee trivia on your next coffee date!

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