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‘Selfish’ vaccine refusers warned they ‘will be barred’ from attending events

27th Jul 21 2:29 pm

Senior Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has warned that people who refuse to have a vaccine, if they can be vaccinated will be barred from events.

Gove told PA news agency, “Ultimately, if you can be vaccinated and you refuse to, that is a selfish act.

“You’re putting other people’s health and lives at risk, you should get vaccinated.”

Gove was asked, if people refuse to have a vaccine should they be banned from attending some mass events.

He replied, “It depends on which part of the United Kingdom you’re in and what the nature of the event is.

“But if you deliberately refuse to get vaccinated and there are certain venues and certain events that require a certain level of safety, then, you know, the terms in which you will be able to get into those venues and those events will be barred to you.”

The Cabinet Minister is also pushing for a Covid certification measure across the the UK, but insisted it is for devolved nations to make their own decisions.

Gove said, “I think that the more we collaborate on this, the better.

“The Scottish government will decide for itself what form of Covid status certification they believe is right.

“We’ve worked well with the Scottish government so far, but I think that people would expect there to be, in the same way we’ve got the same access to NHS services across the United Kingdom, the same access to certification, that would be the ideal, but its for the Scottish government to decide.”

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