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Russian assaults intensify on the front and are hit with more ‘losses’

by LLB political Reporter
22nd Jan 24 4:16 pm

The UK Ministry of Defense said in their daily intelligence update that Russia has suffered more “losses” as Vladimir Putin’s troops have intensified their assaults on the frontline.

The frozen ground conditions has allowed for the movement of armoured vehicles which has resulted in heavy losses.

The British MoD said, “Additional data from the Ukrainian General Staff comparing the 14-18 January 2024 period with the previous five-day period supports this uptick in Russian assaults.

“Over these five-day periods the number of military vehicle losses by Russia increased by 88% and the number of Russian tank losses increased by 95%.”

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Over the weekend Russia captured the Krokhmalne village in Kharkiv Oblast that has cost Moscow 7,055 troops on the front in January in the Khortytsia zone.

Ukrainian Ground Forces Command spokesperson Volodymyr Fityo was quoted by Hromadske on Sunday as saying, that Russia’s capture of the village is a “temporary phenomenon.”

During a live broadcast Fityo said, “We simply don’t report on the repulse of 100-200 meters, and for Russian propagandists, any victory must be presented to explain why they lost 7,055 soldiers at the front in the Khortytsia zone of responsibility in January alone.”

Fityo said that daily the frontlines move and the village of Krokhmalne in the Khortytsia zone only has only “five houses,” which has “no strategic importance.”

The Russian Defence Ministry said on Sunday that “The village of Krakhmalnoye in the Kharkiv region was liberated,” which was a “successful active operations.”

North Korea is now the primary weapons supplier for Putin and his war in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s spy chief Krylo Budanov told the Financial Times on Sunday that North Korea are using Ukraine as a “testing ground” for ballistic missiles which are capable of using nuclear warheads.

In the interview with the FT the Ukrainian spy chief said that North Korea has “transferred a significant amount of artillery ammunition” to Russia.

He added, “This allowed Russia to breathe a little bit. Without their help, the situation would have been catastrophic.”

Budanov said that Russia is using more weapons and ammunition than they are able to produce.

The Ukrainian spy chief said, “This is precisely what motivates Russia’s search for weapons in other countries.”

Putin totally dislikes using foreign countries for help as this is “considered beneath them, it’s an indignity,” especially as Moscow are losing for more men than they are able to recruit.

South Korea’s representative to the United Nations, Hwang Joon-kook, warned that Pyongyang are using Ukraine as a “testing ground” for their nuclear capable ballistic missiles.

Kim Jong-Un’ sister threatened there will be an “immediate” nuclear strike on their enemies even over the “slightest provocation.”

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