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Russell Ruffino redefines the rules for businesses

by Sarah Dunsby
14th Sep 18 9:49 am

If you’re looking for business management advice on the web, you’ll likely find more than you bargained for. One business mogul has decided to swim upstream with the advice he offers budding entrepreneurs. Now, people are starting to take notice of the Russell Ruffino approach.

As a business owner, leader, or manager, it makes sense to seek out sensible tactics and strategies, management doctrine, and best-practice methodology for your company. Now that we are living in the information age, we are bombarded with more data than we can possibly hope to process. This does not present well for an effective management solution, given that over analysis oftentimes leads to paralysis.

It is true that business owners are continually seeking better ways of running their organization. There are 4 management functions that every effective leader must participate in: Planning, Leading, Organizing, and Controlling. These core functions ensure that a business maximises return on investment by efficient and effective use of inputs and throughputs. Many management experts have provided fascinating insights into this arena. Best business practices are somewhat of a misnomer, since it depends on the business in question.

An up-and-coming superstar in management is none other than the chief executive officer and founder of Clients on Demand, Russell Ruffino. His approach to business management is refreshing and effective. Rather than focus on what businesses should be doing vis-a-vis management, he talks about what practices business should avoid, and where they should focus their energy. Inc 500 listed Clients on Demand as one of the fastest growing companies in America. That’s an accolade worthy of top honors, and Ruffino’s company sits comfortably at position #186 on the list. It is his unique style, management philosophy, and hands-on approach to running a business that has won him praise from all over the world.

The Russell Ruffino way

The management approach taken by Ruffino talks more about what business owners shouldn’t be doing as opposed to what they should be doing. This marketing approach avoids many of the pitfalls that business owners fall victim to. By taking the road less travelled, managers can benefit from other people’s mistakes, by avoiding them entirely. Foremost among the focal points of Ruffino’s approach are the following: Unearthing the right target market for your business. If the same marketing message is shared with all users, nobody feels like the messages are directed at them. This renders a business marketing campaign ineffective. Value is only achieved when people feel that their patronage comes at a premium.

The specific demographic targeted by a business is key to its survival. Sometimes it’s not always possible to get a perfect fit between a company’s products and services and its demographic. For example, a plastic surgeon will probably do well advertising his/her professional services at a cosmetic dentist, far better than he or she would at a plumbing company. These peripheral and related industries are central to a business’s success. The concept of perfect clients is often bandied about in business circles. The right fit, the right client, the right attitude – these are all central to sealing the deal and generating the necessary return on investment. Customers typically know what they want, and it is up to business to fulfil those requirements. For proponents of the Ruffino Approach, these demographics are easy to gauge.

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