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Revealed: The top UK locations for key roles

19th Apr 18 3:36 pm

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Comparison service SmallBusinessPrices.co.uk have researched online job sites to find the number of jobs available in key industries. These vacancies have then been sorted by region to find the best places in the UK to find work.  

Across several sectors, research has found that the North-West of England is experiencing the highest demand for key jobs outside of the capital. We looked at 18 of the UK Visa Bureau’s most sought after occupations to find where the majority of vacancies are found.

From jobs ranging across healthcare, financial and manufacturing it is London that comes out on top overall, but only marginally above the North-West and Wales, showing that there are options other than the capital!

Ranked: The best regions to find work:

  1. London – No region in the UK has more jobs on offer than London, with 55% more jobs in the financial sector than the national average.  
  2. North West – Coming narrowly in 2nd, the North-West ranks highest for availability in social work, nursing and engineering.
  3. Wales – For its small population, Wales offers a fairly high demand for key jobs, most notably welding and in the food industry.
  4. West Midlands – This comes in the top 3 for regions showing vacancies for jobs like dental technicians, ranking higher than every southern region bar London.
  5. South East – If you work in software, biochemistry or graphic design, online job sites are showing the South East to be one of the best regions.

Job demand: London vs UK

With a population of over 8.7 million, jobs are often more competitive in the UK capital. Find out how vacancies in London compare to the national average.

Job % Above/Below National Average
Finance Sector (Management Consultants, Actuaries, Economists and Statisticians) 55.1%
Directors and CEOs 53.1%
Secondary Teaching 50.1%
Software 48.0%
Graphic Design 44.5%
Production, Works and Maintenance Managers 41.6%
Buyers and Purchasing Officers 39.0%
Chefs, Cooks 38.5%
Design and Development Engineers 35.4%
Biological Scientists and Biochemists 34.0%
Medical Radiographers 33.5%
Nurses 28.9%
Social Workers 24.8%
Electrical Engineers 20.8%
Medical and Dental Technicians 17.0%
Mechanical Engineers 15.7%
Chemical Engineers -7.1%
Welding Trades -21.9%


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