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Revealed: Londoners top 10 office distractions

by LLB Reporter
22nd Jun 18 3:09 pm

Productivity levels in offices across London have fallen to a dramatic low with a quarterof workers claiming they are unproductive for up to two hours a day. These lost hours equate to a staggering 40 million lost across the UK each week. Compared to findings in 2017 the average office worker has lost an extra 30 minutes a day due to productivity issues.

Fellowes, office product specialists, recently released their second Productivity in the UK report to help businesses understand what is causing output issues

The study, by office products specialists Fellowes, reveals the top office distractions effecting productivity in London workplaces with the top ten including:

  • Talking with colleagues (37%)
  • Email ping pong (31%)
  • Checking mobile phones (24%)
  • Constant questions (18%)
  • Chatty colleagues (19%)
  • Food at desks (14%)
  • Tea Breaks (11%)
  • Browsing Facebook (10%)
  • Chatting to friends on WhatsApp (10%)
  • Browsing online news (7%)

Although chatting with colleagues was also the number one distraction in 2017, social media and mobile use has climbed to the top distractions this year.

The study also revealed the top ways Londoners think would improve productivity.

  • Having less pointless meetings (37%)
  • Better office environment (27%)
  • More breaks (22%)
  • Better communication with team (21%)
  • Better management (21%)
  • Better office equipment (20%)
  • Equipment for flexible working (17%)
  • More holidays (19%)
  • Less tasks to do (11%)
  • More duvet days (7%)

Many of the Best London Digital Media Law Firms use these kind of tips to great success.

Fellowes UK & Ireland Sales and Marketing Director, Darryl Brunt, added:

“The makeup of every workforce is different but it‘s clear that employers need to do more to help get the best from their employees. With only 59% of UK office workers saying they are quite productive its key for solutions to be implemented quickly. To unlock people’s productivity, workers must not only have the right equipment but they must feel valued and supported. By establishing smarter ways of working, employers can build an empowered workforce which best serves its customers.”

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