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Revealed: Hotspots for divorce as South-East men call time on their relationships

by LLB Reporter
5th Jan 22 12:07 pm

As we enter the New Year, thoughts turn to the future – and a new beginning. But, as the UK’s leading online service for couples looking for an uncontested divorce points out ahead of “Divorce Day” on January 10th,* that future for men could mean taking responsibility for their relationship status.

It can now be revealed that new 2021 figures show that males living in the East Midlands or the South-East are more likely to get divorced than those anywhere else in England and Wales, according to new figures from Easy Online Divorce.

As what can be one of the most stressful times of the year, stark figures from Easy Online Divorce show that, of the 8.5m married males aged 25-64, 1 in 84 will get divorced this year. This increases to 1 in 67 and 1 in 69 in the South East and East Midlands.

There are happier relationships to be found elsewhere, though; in the North East males are almost three times less likely to divorce than in the South East.

Meanwhile, those women living in the Lincolnshire areas of South Holland and West Lindsey are five times more likely to get divorced than the national average.

The rural areas of Somerset and Rutland might seem to be quiet, quaint areas, but couples are three times more likely to get divorced in Rutland and Somerset compared to the UK average. Meanwhile, far-flung Cornwall is safest place for marriages, with couples four times less likely to get divorced, while in Nottinghamshire and West Midlands it’s also harmonious, with couples three times less likely to split for good than the national average.

James Brien, who runs Easy Online Divorce and is the author of two books, “The Mindful Divorce” and “The Real Man’s Guide To Divorce” said, “The New Year can be a dark, lonely time for a lot of people, and with the pandemic still affecting a lot of lives, we’re bound to see couples deciding to go their own way.

“It’s fascinating to see these regional variations in divorce rates, but one thing remains the same: separation and divorce can provide an opportunity to become stronger, happier, and healthier.

“So, whether you’re from Cornwall or Carlisle, Lincoln or Llandudno, divorce needn’t be the end of your world – more the beginning of a new one.”

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