Revealed: Who topped the Instagram Rich List 2018


This year’s Instagram rich list has officially been released by the scheduling tool, HopperHQ.com, based on factors such as average engagement, how often they post, and the number of followers.

With 110m followers, lip kit queen Kylie Jenner is at the top spot on the list and charges an eye-watering $1m per post. She is followed by Selena Gomez.

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With 133m followers on social media, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo stands third on the list and is also the only man in the top five. The Juventus star joined the Italians this month in a £100 deal.

According to Daily Mail, Ronaldo’s social media posts are worth a staggering £570,000 to advertisers.

He is followed by Neymar, Messi and David Beckham and Gareth Bale in the sporting list.

Rich celebrities on Instagram are:

  1. Kylie Jenner, 110m followers, charges $1 million
  2. Selena Gomez, 139m followers, charges $800,000
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo, 133 million followers, charges $750,000
  4. Kim Kardashian, 113m followers, charges $720,000
  5. Beyonce Knowles, 115m followers, charges $700,000
  6. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, 109m followers, $650,000
  7. Justin Bieber, 100m followers, $630,000
  8. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, 101 million followers, $600,000
  9. Lionel Messi, 95.3m followers, $500,000
  10. Kendall Jenner, 92.4m followers, $500,000