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Reasons why you should outsource your IT

by Sarah Dunsby
1st Sep 20 10:23 am

If you still don’t have an in-house IT team or work with managed service providers, chances are you got your company’s IT infrastructure running just fine without any help. And that is not a small achievement.

However, there are still perks you are missing by not working with specialists in the field. Here’s why outsourcing your IT needs is likely the best road for your business going forward.

1. Secure customer data

Data security is a huge point of concern for customers in the 21st century. Several huge data leaks hit the news every year, and every time customers around the world have to wonder if this will be the time when their credit card information finally gets stolen.

A data leak doesn’t have to be huge in order for customers to lose trust in your company. Even if just your mailing list gets leaked, with no passwords or credit card information being compromised, customers will still second guess whether they can trust your company to handle their data.

It’s much better to work with specialists who know the best practices to keep your data safe. This includes the data you have on your customers, and any valuable corporate data that you wouldn’t want your competition to see.

2. Reduce the workload of your team

Operating a modern company without proper managed IT support services often means that tech-savvy employees have to pull double duty as workers and IT specialists. That reduces overall efficiency, and may lead to a loss of morale. Especially if computer problems happen often, and the helpful employees in question don’t get paid extra for all the extra work they do around the office.

Meanwhile, outsourcing your IT will give you access to 24/7 support. The details of the deal will depend on which company you hire, but most providers of IT services are ready to provide support at any time, be it online, on the phone, or in person. This is a field with fierce competition, so companies fight hard to provide a service that’s better than that of their competitors. Especially in the big capitals of the world.

3. Find solutions you wouldn’t otherwise

The realities of modern online life have led to a situation where we have more solutions than we can handle. Look into client management software or payment processing tools and you’ll find thousands of options, each promising to be better than the next. It’s hard for a manager to figure out which tool will best suit the needs of their team, which often leads to companies building their operation around the most popular tools, rather than the ones that would best suit their needs.

Working with experts can help solve this problem. They’ll be able to take a look at your company’s operation and point out which aspects of your digital infrastructure could be optimized. In some cases, you may even find that certain free tools are more efficient than the enterprise solutions you’re paying to use every month.

At the end of the day, hiring IT service providers isn’t a viable solution for every company. But if you own a business, it might be wise to at least give one of those providers a call. See what they can offer you.

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