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Reasons for a dirty office and how to keep it clean

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11th Feb 19 9:33 am

Employees spend hours on end toiling at the office. In fact, most of the employees spend more time at the office than in their homes. But what if the workplace is a total mess? Do you think that the employees will be motivated to work efficiently every day? No, they won’t. So, it is wise to know why the office gets dirty in the first place before trying to find a solution for this embarrassingly commonly problem.

The usual culprits

There are times when dust and dirt are spread by the employees themselves. Suppose your office has carpet on the floor and employees often bring coffee mugs to their desks to have coffee while working. One of them may spill some coffee on the carpet. It is not possible to remove the stain immediately. You will have to opt for professional help from a company like Carpet Bright UK to get the job done.

  • Solution – make a rule that no one should have anything to eat or drink at their desk. Carpets are expensive and getting them cleaned also comes at a price. If someone breaks the rules, he/she will have to contribute for cleaning the carpet. Make it clear where they can eat their lunch or snacks.

A cluttered workspace or cubicle is another reason why the office looks untidy. You see loose papers everywhere. Some of these papers can also be confidential. This shouldn’t happen because it not only compromises the security of the customers but also makes the office look untrustworthy.

  • Solution – if the desks of the employees don’t have drawers, try to get them installed so that the papers and stationery can be kept in one place and not on top of the table. Alternatively, you can also give file organizers so that the papers can be arranged in order. Remind them of the importance of keeping customer information private as this can make or break your company.

Working while sick might make it appear that the employee is very dedicated to his or her job, but this is also a reason why the office might turn out to be an unhealthy place to work in. Some employees come to work even when they have a contagious disease. This will ultimately harm the other employees and will affect the productivity to a great extent. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of spreading the virus or bacteria around the office, causing other people to get sick as well.

  • Solution – if someone is really sick, make them stay at home. If the work is unavoidable, then ask the employee to work from home instead of coming to the office. A single person should not be responsible for hampering the work environment at the office.

There are numerous ways to keep the office clean, but you have to understand why it is getting dirty in the first place. Once you know the most common reasons, you’ll be better equipped to come up with effective cleaning solutions.

However, you don’t need to let a dirty office bug you in case you are unable to clean it. You can hire professional commercial office cleaners such as Shine Cleaning Solutions in case you are in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Commercial office cleaners are able to offer top quality work in cleaning your office.

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