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Purse buyer’s guide: Nine essential designs

by John Saunders
27th Jul 22 12:29 pm

Not only can the perfect handbag make or break an outfit, but also serves as a powerful fashion statement by itself. Take Lizzo walking the red carpet in her small Valentino as an example.

Most women own multiple purses, usually two or three. The same can be said about shoes; each has its own function, can be used to dress up or down an ensemble, and reveals something about its owner’s sense of style. To that end, what criteria should one use to select the ideal handbag?

Here are some classy and stylish handbags which can be bought from any handbag shop.

1. Bag worn across the shoulder

The classic style is thrown over one shoulder, hence the name. It is among the most versatile and fashionable bags because of its ability to accommodate all the necessities plus more. Since shoulder bags are so versatile, it’s smart to invest in a neutral color and material (such as genuine or faux leather) that will allow you to match it with a wide variety of clothing and environments.

2. Crossbody

The way in which you wear this one-strap design is also reflected in the name. Even while crossbody bags are often smaller than shoulder bags, they nevertheless provide the convenience of being hands-free. You can carry all your necessities without feeling burdened, making it ideal for errands, social occasions, vacations, and other light-load situations. This is a fantastic trend to stock up on because it can be donned both during the day and at night with varying looks.

3. Satchel

These handbags are of medium size and come with either two short handles or a long shoulder strap, depending on your preference. They are sophisticated and long-lasting; they resemble a briefcase and have a padded shoulder strap; and they are able to store a wide variety of objects, including books, periodicals, and computers. You can use it to look more put-together on campus or to retain a professional look while still being comfortable in the office. Both of these options are possible with this item (think smooth, high-quality leather).

4. Tote bag

Consider this your solution to the issue of having too much work to do. Because it often only has one main compartment and has an open-top design, a tote makes it simple to quickly throw things in and take them out of the bag while you are on the move. Even though the vast majority of totes are made from durable and laid-back materials such as canvas or nylon, these bags have the potential to be a stunning addition to one’s professional wardrobe when crafted from structured and high-quality materials such as leather.

5. Evening clutch

The amount of formality associated with these glittery handhelds ranges from mild to high, and they are evening accessories that are guaranteed to draw attention. At a formal ball or wedding, a clutch with sequins or beads is appropriate, whereas a basic version is more at home at happy hour or on a date. Despite their small size, bags with this design are versatile enough to be used for a variety of reasons thanks to features such as removable shoulder straps and internal pockets that resemble wallets. Matching your clutch with your jewelry is in fashion nowadays, like matching your royal blue clutch to a stack of tanzanite bracelets or tanzanite earrings will be breathtaking.

6. Backpacks 

This sleek version of the classic campus design is ideal for working people who would rather not carry about a big purse but yet want to look like they belong on a college campus. Even though there are some backpacks that aren’t very big, the vast majority of them are big enough to carry things like laptops and tablets. This easygoing style is perfect for weekend escapades and hanging out with friends in more casual settings.

7. A Carrier that is fashioned out of a woven basket

Ever since it was first famous by Jane Birkin in the 1960s, this look has had a relatively easy time being fashionable again and again. A bohemian style is still a well-liked option for wardrobes, perhaps as a result of the widespread availability of natural elements such as rattan, straw, wicker, and raffia. Even if you don’t plan on using the bag very frequently, the sandy beige hue and embellishments such as beads, fringe, and seashells make it perfect for a trip to the beach, even if you won’t be using it very often (though it does pair well with everything from maxi dresses to jeans).

8. Wristlet

This is a minimalist’s best buddy. It’s compact and undetectable, making it ideal for toting around a debit card, photo ID, mascara, wallet, and a few dollars. The cases for some models of smartphones are tailored specifically to the design of such devices. Wrap one around your wrist for those times when you don’t want to lug around unnecessary items, such as when you’re going out club hopping, attending a weekend festival, or just going for a short walk to your nearest necklace shop.

9. It’s a hobo’s best-friend bag

Its name belies the sophistication of this classic, which has a big, slouchy crescent shape. It’s a classic, on-trend choice for hanging out with friends throughout the week or on the weekend. The charm of this purse is that it exudes an air of effortless chic. If you like the aesthetic but aren’t ready to fully commit, there are other designs that are more rigid in nature while still preserving that delicate crescent form with minimal fabric.


It’s important to prioritise quality when shopping for handbags. This will make your items last for many years and bring you joy for many more to come. Consider the following before making any purchases:

The interior and exterior of the bag’s stitching ought to be symmetrical and uniform in appearance. This exemplifies careful construction that will ensure it holds up even in high-wear regions.

Clasps, zipper, feet, ornamental components, and the handle are all examples of hardware. The material itself should not chip or tarnish, and the clasps, zippers, feet, and decorative elements all need to work smoothly and feel secure.

Be the coziest you can. This not only demonstrates the care put into the bag’s design but also ensures that you’ll keep reaching for it.

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