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The price of gold achieved an unprecedented milestone by surpassing the $2,100 per ounce mark.

This significant accomplishment has been driven by growing demand for the metal, considered a safe-haven asset in times of economic and political uncertainty.

Confidence in gold as a store of value has been reinforced by speculation surrounding potential interest rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve and current geopolitical volatility.

Gold has demonstrated its resilience against economic and political fluctuations; this year has been no exception. The precious metal’s advance of over 0.70% on March 6, 2024, reaching a price of $2,152 per ounce, illustrates its strength and attractiveness in global financial markets. This price surge is propelled by crucial factors contributing to its continued growth.

The Fed’s monetary policy has been a determining factor in driving the price of gold. Speculations about potential interest rate cuts have led investors to seek refuge in safer assets, such as gold.

Likewise, the uncertainty generated by the upcoming elections in the United States has increased demand for the yellow metal as investors seek protection against potential political changes and their impacts on the markets.

The weakening of the dollar has also contributed to the price of gold. The depreciation of the US currency has made gold more attractive to foreign investors, further boosting its demand and, consequently, its price.

Similarly, tensions in the Middle East, particularly the ongoing confrontation between Israel and Hamas, have increased geopolitical risk and led investors to seek refuge in safer assets, such as gold.

In conclusion, gold is experiencing a period of appreciation driven by economic and geopolitical factors. This bullish trend is expected to continue in the short term, with projections indicating that the price of gold could head towards $2,200 per ounce by the end of 2024. As a safe-haven asset, gold remains an attractive option for investors seeking protection and stability in times of uncertainty.

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