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President Trump wishes “a lot of luck to Prince Harry, he’s going to need it’

by LLB Reporter
24th Sep 20 10:14 am

President Donald Trump said at a press conference that he is “not a fan” of Meghan Markle and said “I wish Harry a lot of luck. “He’s going to need it.”

This comes after Meghan and Harry participated in a Time 100 video urging people to vote in the 2020 US elections.

Meghan said in the video that this is the most important election of our lifetime, and stressed, “But this one is.”

“When we vote, our values are put into action and our voices are heard.”

Harry called on Americans to “reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity,” and neither mentioned Trump or Joe Biden who it the Presidents Democratic challenger.

During a White House press conference President Trump was asked by a reporter over the video, that “essentially encouraged people to vote for Joe Biden.”

President Trump replied, “I’m not a fan of hers and I would say this, and she probably has heard that, but I wish a lot of luck to Harry.

“He’s going to need it.”

Traditionally members of the Royal family remain politically neutral, and Piers Morgan hit out at the pair over their political statements, as it showed “brazen disregard for royal neutrality.”

Morgan wrote in the Daily Mail, “By expressing themselves in such a brazenly partisan manner, they’ve crossed a massive line which should now have serious consequences for the couple who specialise in wanting their royal cake and the freedom to eat it.”

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