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Police warn of fake £5 notes

13th Apr 17 2:20 pm

Check your £5 notes

Police have warned shoppers to keep an eye out for fake £5 notes, this comes just six months after the new polymer note was released into circulation.

The warning comes after the fake notes were found in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

The new £5 is stronger than the previous one, it also has new security features and the Bank of England has said this makes them harder to counterfeit.

PCSO Pete Sobye, of Wadebridge police, said: “If you find yourself in possession of a fake £5 note, contact your bank. Or if you have been given a number of these as payment, contact police on 101.”

The old paper £5 note is still in circulation alongside the polymer variant, although shoppers only have until May 5 to spend the paper note as it will lose its legal tender status.

Later this year the Bank of England is set to release a polymer £10 note that will feature Jane Austen, it will come into circulation in September.


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