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Only 2,225 Bitcoin addresses control almost 30% of all BTC

by LLB Finance Reporter
6th Jan 21 12:18 pm

Data presented by Buy Shares indicates that a total of 2,225 Bitcoin addresses control 5,447,017 BTC, which is 29.3% of the current Bitcoin in supply. The figure is as of January 6, 2021.

A total of 136,356 Bitcoin addresses contain 4,407,061 BTC, 23.71% of the asset’s current supply. Another 13,892 addresses hold 3,550,056 BTC representing 19.1% of the asset’s existing supply.

A total of 100 Bitcoin addresses control 2,351,767 BTC, which is 12.65% of the digital currency’s supply. About 674,925 Bitcoin addresses hold 1,755,183 BTC, which is 9.44% of the supply.

Elsewhere, 5,351,956 addresses hold 174,703 BTC while another 8,182,527 addresses control 32,219 BTC..

On the other, 16,740,454 BTC addresses control the least amount of Bitcoin at 3,386. Only one address holds 141,452 BTC, which is 0.76% of BTC in supply.

The research overviews the impact of small wallets holding a large percentage of the Bitcoin in supply. According to the research report, “As more institutional investors enter the crypto space, the number of whales is projected to increase, leading to larger order sizes alongside high trading volumes. However, the market is maturing to accommodate the new players. With time, it will possibly lead to reduced volatility.”

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