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Nigel Farage warns Europe as he set to ‘start new party’

by LLB Reporter
7th Mar 20 12:52 pm

Nigel Farage is set to “start a new party” and the former MEP will launch a new crusade against Westminster.

Farage is a huge enemy of the of the EU since the Maastricht Treaty in the Nineties, which proved to be a canny political operator both in the 2014 and 2019 European parliamentary elections.

Speaking at Liberty University in Virginia in February Farage said, “I haven’t finished with just getting the United Kingdom out of the European Union; I won’t settle until I get the whole of Europe out of the EU.”

Lord David Owen told the Express newspaper, “Mark my words, Nigel Farage has a proven record of getting shifts of opinion in this country.

“And now, he has singled out reforming the House of Lords.

“He is going to launch some new party.

“He has chosen proportional representation and House of Lords. He will lead with the House of Lords, though.

“It won’t be very hard to pull out.”

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