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Next ’18 London Google Cloud event set to take place in early October

by Sarah Dunsby
10th Oct 18 3:55 pm

An event set to take place in London in early October will  introduce professionals and developers to the latest trends in cloud computing. Organised by Google Cloud and spanning over two days in total, it highlights the pervasiveness of cloud computing applications across a wider range of industries.

Google Cloud Event to be hosted in London

Google Cloud is organising a two-day event, aptly named Next ’18 London, that will be hosted in ExCeL London on October 10-11, 2018, after its incredibly successful Next ’18 event in San Francisco three months ago. This global gathering that will bring together developers, IT professionals, startup founders, and organisation leaders ranging from NGO directors to CEOs, will include demonstrations by inventors, boot camps and codelabs, as well as workshops where attendees will be able to see hands-on applications of cloud computing. It will also feature a range of distinguished speakers in panel discussions and keynotes lectures, including Google Cloud’s CEO, Diane Greene, the VP of Apps in Google Cloud, Prabhakar Raghavan, and the VP of Engineering in Google DevOps, Melody Meckfessel.

Next ’18 London will cover a broad range of topics on cloud technology, from access to scalability, discussing practical challenges and possible solutions. Cloud security will also be a prominent topic, as businesses operating in the cloud are eager to understand how they could better protect cloud-based applications and data. For example, a WAF, a cybersecurity tool that filters malicious requests out of incoming traffic and protects applications in the cloud against hacker attacks, is widely used by companies to help increase the security of their cloud-based servers. New regulations on data protection also prompt companies to take cloud security more seriously by employing similar tools and establishing strict internal data protection policies.

Cloud adoption rates among enterprises are rising

Cloud applications that will be covered in the event include data analytics, AI and machine learning possibilities, as well as innovative uses of IoT. As cloud adoption spreads across industries, new applications are becoming more and more interesting to companies and investors – as well as more profitable. The “Intelligent Cloud” segment of Microsoft allowed the company to generate $9.6 billion in revenue in Q4 2018 alone, significantly up from $7.9 billion in Q3. This translated to $3.9 billion in operating income in Q4 2018, a new record and much higher than $2.7 in the previous quarter. Gartner has also projected that the public cloud market will grow by more than 21% to reach $186.4 billion in 2018, when the same figure last year was a little over $153 billion.

More and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits of migrating services to a cloud environment. This helps streamline communication within teams, allowing employees to work remotely, while it offers incredible potential for storage and hosting with unprecedented scalability. According to RightScale’s 2018 State of the Cloud Report, 96% of respondents to their survey used cloud services, with public cloud adoption reaching 92%, compared to 89% in 2017, and private cloud adoption up to 75% from 72% in 2017. More than 8 in 10 of the companies surveyed had stated that they prefer a multi-cloud approach and they are on average running applications on 3.1 clouds.

As more and more businesses are converted to cloud computing, events such as Next ’18 London are important in placing London in the forefront of potential cloud innovation hubs.

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