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Netflix snaps up rights to Roald Dahl classics

by LLB Editor
22nd Sep 21 4:34 pm

Netflix has snapped up the rights to Roald Dahl’s classic children’s books from the author’s family.

The deal means the streaming giant will own creations like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The BFG.

AJ Bell’s Russ Mould said: “The purchase of the company which manages the rights to Roald Dahl’s stories is a breakthrough moment for Netflix. It has now got its hands on a rich library of weird and wonderful characters, meaning it can create spin-off shows, remake films of the most popular books and sweat the assets even further.

“Disney’s purchase of the Star Wars empire raised eyebrows at the time, but it has perfectly demonstrated how strong intellectual property can be used to create a multitude of content. The Roald Dahl acquisition is Netflix’s chance to do the same.

“While Dahl’s books may not have the incredible reach of Star Wars, titles like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are still loved around the world and Netflix can use this to its advantage. This includes creating products beyond a TV screen, such as games, merchandise and theatre.

“So many parents subscribe to Disney+ because it has content that their children will watch over and over again. Netflix now its own must-watch content and importantly it is evergreen material. People young and old love these stories and that should strengthen loyalty to the Netflix platform.”

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