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NATO told they are ‘weaker’ without Kyiv with Europe warned you will be ‘next’ on Putin’s hit list

13th Mar 22 2:49 pm

Europe has been warned that they are “next” on Vladimir Putin’s hit list and NATO will be “weaker” without Kyiv, by Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk.

Honcharuk said Putin is “the new Hitler”and he will unleash all his power to put an end to “the Ukrainian question” as “Hitler wanted the solve the Jewish question.”

Speaking to LBC, Honcharuk said, “Realise who you are talking to.

“It’s not about conditions, negotiations.

“It’s the start of the Third World War.

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“He’s the new Hitler. Hitler wanted the solve the Jewish question, Putin wants to solve the Ukrainian question.

“Ukraine is one of the biggest nations in Europe, it’s impossible to solve. It’s already a big war.”

He added, “And you should realise you are next, and it’s impossible to protect yourselves and not protect your allies.

“If Ukraine falls, you will be weaker, it’s really simple to understand.

“Please let your political leaders know that you, European people, demand from them real action toward and against Putin.

“Real action now. It’s too little, too late to negotiate and find some partial economic sanction. It’s not enough.”

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