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More than half of UK drivers won’t buy an electric car due to price, range anxiety and charging concerns

by LLB Reporter
14th Jun 23 12:53 pm

A new Opinium survey of 2000 UK drivers, commissioned by InsuretheGap.com, a leading provider of GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance, reveals the barriers to electric car ownership with price, range anxiety and charging issues the most common concerns.

The cost to purchase (60%) is the top reason for not choosing an electric car, particularly amongst older drivers with over 65s (71%) being almost twice as likely as under 34s (36%) to cite this as a barrier.

Range anxiety is the second largest factor with more than one in two (54%) saying that the worry about running out of charge on a journey is enough to stop them getting an electric car. 70% of over 65s say this, compared to 30% of under 34s, and more women (59%) than men (48%).

The recent spike in energy prices is also clearly weighing on drivers’ minds with more than one in two (54%) saying the high price of electricity puts them off.

Problems with the UK’s charging infrastructure have been widely reported, so it is not surprising that one in two drivers would avoid electric car ownership due to the scarcity of charging points (52%). Women (58%) feel this more strongly than men (47%). Another deterrent is the time it takes to charge an electric car (52%).

Other charging concerns include worry about the battery’s lifespan (47%); not wanting to wait around in public places, such as motorway services, while charging (42%); and not being able to charge a car at home (39%). Almost one in three (31%) also worry about using the heater and radio in an electric car in case they drain the battery when driving.

There is also a trust issue with government strategy and electric cars with four out of ten drivers (40%) saying they do not trust that the government won’t change its position on electric cars, as it did with diesel cars. A quarter (26%) also have doubts about how environmentally friendly electric cars are.

Ben Wooltorton from InsuretheGap.com said: “Whilst the relatively high price of electric cars is still putting off many, the most pressing issue for the industry is the state of the charging infrastructure.

“According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) public charging points are not keeping up with the adoption of electric vehicles and the situation is further exacerbated depending on where you live in the country.

“For instance, the northwest of England has the lowest number of public charging points in the UK, with only one public charging point for every 85 electric cars. Until this problem is addressed, the government’s attempts to further boost electric vehicle adoption is likely to fall flat.”

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