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Meteor showers set to hit UK skies

8th Dec 16 10:44 am

Make sure you go out and check the night sky in the coming weeks…

An annual meteor shower is set to make its way through the UKs night skies, it goes by the name of Geminids and it happens every year.

The Geminids were first observed in 1862, the meteor shower appears to come from a point in the constellation Gemini, hence its unusual name.

This year the meteor shower could be seen from around 4 December until 14-17 December, it’s peak activity will be at 10pm.

A super moon will be present on 14 December so the brightest Geminid trails may not be seen due to the moons glare.

Sightings of the showers are possible around the world but the northern hemisphere is likely to get the best views. It’s possible that you could see up to 100 meteors or “shooting stars” every hour.

To get the most out of the showers clear skies are vital, so get away from as much light pollution as possible!

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