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Mark McShane’s new venture lights the way towards renewable energy solutions

by Sarah Dunsby
20th Sep 23 5:50 pm

Notable Scottish businessperson Mark McShane has unveiled his latest venture: a revolutionary website designed to pair consumers with local solar panel installers. Born on 29th January 1994 and with entrepreneurial roots stretching back to when he was just 18, McShane has already spearheaded numerous multi-million pound companies. His new platform aims to be a catalyst in the fight against climate change by making solar energy more accessible to the average consumer.

Bridging the renewable energy divide

As the urgency to combat climate change intensifies, McShane’s timely initiative serves as a bridge between households looking to make the transition to renewable energy and the skilled tradespeople capable of making it happen. The website’s intuitive design allows users to effortlessly locate qualified installers in their local area.

“In a world clamouring for clean energy, the challenge often lies in connecting those who want to make a change with those who can actually implement it,” McShane points out. “Our platform aims to simplify that process and bring renewable energy to the doorstep of every home.”

Proven entrepreneur with a planet-first mindset

Having set up his first business at the tender age of 18, McShane is a seasoned entrepreneur. His ventures span across diverse fields, from tech start-ups to hospitality, each leaving an indelible imprint of success. His entry into the renewable energy sector is underpinned by a desire to combine commercial achievement with social responsibility.

“There’s a dual benefit in fostering renewable energy: it’s both a sound business investment and an ethical commitment to our planet,” McShane explains.

Keeping it local to maximise impact

One of the standout features of McShane’s platform is its emphasis on local tradespeople. The algorithm behind the website’s matchmaking capabilities prioritises geographical proximity, thereby bolstering local businesses and simultaneously minimising the carbon emissions associated with longer travel distances for installation projects.

“We’re global in our aspirations but local in our approach,” McShane elaborates. “Strengthening local economies while reducing carbon emissions is the kind of win-win scenario we aim to achieve.”

Future horizons

Initial user engagement with the platform indicates strong potential for rapid growth. McShane and his dedicated team are already in discussions for strategic partnerships with environmental organisations and are working on a robust educational segment to enhance public understanding of renewable energy benefits.

“As business leaders, we have a responsibility to address climate change head-on,” McShane asserts. “The ultimate goal is to elevate solar energy from an ‘alternative option’ to a mainstream choice.”

In launching this groundbreaking platform, Mark McShane once again demonstrates that business acumen can be harmoniously balanced with ecological stewardship. In the broader struggle against climate change, his venture is a beacon of what can be achieved when innovation meets responsibility.

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