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Make money with MetaTrader 5: The ultimate guide to using MT5

by John Saunders
16th Jun 22 4:36 pm

Investing money is a great way to grow your wealth and build a nest egg for retirement. After all, the more you have saved, the less you will need from it. But that isn’t the only reason why investing money is a great way to gain profit. Investing money also offers other benefits, such as helping you passively receive money. For example, if you invest funds prudently, it can help you grow your capital over time.

There is a growing demand for traders since more and more people are getting interested in trading. It has become a lucrative career option with an increasing number of investors becoming interested in the markets as well as the potential profit margins. If you have an interest in trading and wish to cash in on it, then you should definitely use the MetaTrader 5 platform. In this article, we will explain everything on how to use MetaTrader 5 to make money from trading stocks and other securities listed on the exchange.

What is MT5?

The Metatrader 5 (MT5) trading platform is a web-based application developed by MetaQuotes Software. This is the platform that has revolutionised the way traders interact with the financial markets. It is available on any modern browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We all know how popular Metatrader is; there are more than 400,000 users who use it every day to trade Forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Finding stocks on an MT5 platform

It is easy to find stocks to trade on an MT5 trading platform. All you need to do is search for a stock that you are interested in trading.

1.When you find a stock that interests you, make sure that you read the company’s website to get a better idea of what the company does and its value.

2. Once you read this, view the stock’s chart to get an idea of the stock’s recent performance.

3. Then, you can decide if you are interested in trading the stock.

Trading strategies using the MT5

It is crucial to remember that you are not buying and selling stocks on an MT5 platform. Instead, you are trading stocks using an automated trading system. This means that you are not doing any real trading yourself. Instead, the system is doing the trading for you. You can either set the system to trade stocks automatically once per week, or you can trade stocks manually whenever you want.

Binance as a broker for the MT5 platform

Binance is one of the best brokers for MT5 trading. This is because it offers a wide range of trading options and is easy to use. It also offers a wide range of trading pairs for investors to trade on. Binance users can choose from regular and advanced trading screens.

Things to remember when using MT5

There are a few things that investors need to keep in mind when using an MT5 trading platform.

  1. You are not trading stocks and shares. Instead, you are trading contracts for differences (CFDs) that are based on the movements of stocks and shares.  This means that you can lose money on these contracts. However, you can also make money on these contracts. But you need to know when to exit these contracts to minimize your losses.
  2. Invest only what you can afford to lose. If you are not sure about the amount you can invest, you can set the trading system to invest a small amount of money.


If you are reading this article, it is very likely that you are struggling to make a decent income and want to earn some extra money. You might be wondering what your options are when it comes to making money online. Thankfully, there is an abundance of ways that you can make money online with little or no effort at all. And trading currencies, stocks, and securities is among them. You might also be a cryptocurrency enthusiast and love to keep your eye on the latest prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. But if you want to start earning money from digital currencies, you need a trading platform that supports a wide range of coins and tokens. With the right broker, it is possible to make money with MetaTrader 5.

It doesn’t matter how much of an active investor you are or how many times per day you check prices and market activity for stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The only thing that matters is that with enough time and patience, investing money with MetaTrader 5 trading platform can help you grow your wealth passively.

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