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Lord Sugar to Daily Mail shareholders: “Fire Paul Dacre!”

by LLB Reporter
4th Oct 13 11:42 am

Lord Alan Sugar has pointed his “You’re fired” finger towards Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre for running an article about Labour leader Ed Miliband’s father being the “man who hated Britian”.

In fact, Lord Sugar is so mad that he created his very own hashtag for it: #firedacre.

The Amshold boss yesterday called for companies to pull adverts from the Daily Mail saying that “a special ilk of people” work at the paper, and that they had “gone too far this time”.

“Advertisers, of course, are the lifeblood of the Daily Mail as they are for any newspaper, and it’s entirely up to them to take a moral stance on this.

“I would urge them just as a punishment, to actually pull their advertising next week and the week after, just perhaps temporarily, to show them what will happen. To stand up and show them what would happen when their revenue, which is really all they’re interested in, is taken away from them,” he added.

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