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London’s CO2 emissions displayed on live billboards across London to promote climate literacy

by LLB Reporter
30th Jun 22 12:00 pm

Climate leaders Kayrros and Doconomy this week unveiled four billboards across London to promote climate literacy. The project uses outdoor digital displays to show a snapshot of London’s carbon emissions footprint from energy, industry, road transportation and domestic aviation.

The billboards will display rolling data on UK CO2 emissions in a UK first until 3 July.

The initiative coincides with the meeting of world leaders at the G7 Summit and London Climate Action Week, an independent yearly event bringing together businesses, politicians, NGOs and civil society to build new solutions to tackle climate change.

Founded in Paris in 2016, Kayrros is a climate data company and the world leader in Earth Observation technology. Kayrros leverages AI and advanced mathematics to extract timely, actionable signals on greenhouse gas emissions from Earth Observation sensors and other sources.

Founded in Sweden in 2018, Doconomy provides applied impact solutions, using data to help empower individuals and corporations to take responsibility for their environmental footprint.

Johan Pihl, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Doconomy, said, “The public deserves to be aware of our actual progress in achieving the emissions reduction goals. The 2030 Forecast marks the first step toward making the connection between an individual’s carbon footprint and the environmental impact of industrial emissions. At first, the national emission figures might be difficult to grasp, but we are confident that our collective climate literacy will improve over time.”

Antoine Rostand, Co-Founder and President of Kayrros added, “We are thrilled to bring climate data out in the open and help raise climate literacy for Londoners and visitors of this great city.

“Keeping track of our climate footprint through earth observation and science-based technologies is great and indeed essential to tackle climate change, but finding the visual vocabulary to bring the data home to the public and make it relevant to everyone is just as important.

“That’s why we’re so happy about our partnership with Doconomy and our joint campaign to raise public awareness of climate change and empower the public to make a difference.”

The billboards will be live until 3 July on West Cross Route by Westfield, White City; Trinity Road, Wandsworth; Gypsy Corner on the A40; and Hammersmith Broadway.

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