London to bask in the sun with temperatures soaring above 30C


Heatwave hits capital


Source: Rob Fahey via Flickr

Londoners are set to enjoy temperatures higher than 30C over the next two days.

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: “It’s going to be very warm.

“It will be a really lovely day today, there will be a little bit of cloud around but generally a bright sunny day.

“For temperatures we’re looking at 28C and 29C, maybe even 30C.

“If that is the case it would make today the warmest day of the year so far.”

Partridge said the capital will see even hotter weather tomorrow.

He said: “Tomorrow again will be wall-to-wall sunshine and we will see temperatures up to 32C to 33C.”

However, the Met Office said temperatures will drop to 21C or 22C by Thursday.