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London named one of the best city break destinations for football fans

by LLB Reporter
12th Dec 23 6:02 am

New data has revealed which UK cities are the best for football fans – and Liverpool has topped the league.

The new ranking, created by online casino comparison service KingCasinoBonus, assigned each city a score out of 100 based on their accessibility, affordability, and social scene, which includes the number of bars and restaurants on offer.

Accessibility considered the distance from each city’s train station to the stadium, with Sheffield and Newcastle United coming in top at only 0.8 miles. In comparison, Tottenham Hotspur’s Stadium is a whopping 8.1 miles from London’s central terminus at Waterloo.

As well as stadium costs, affordability looked at prices of travel and accommodation in each city. While London was unsurprisingly the most expensive, Wolverhampton proved to be the cheapest city to visit overall, with the average hotel setting fans back £88 a night.

The social scene in each city considered the number of bars, restaurants and takeaways available. London took the lead, with Manchester coming in second, thanks to its iconic pubs and clubs, while Burnley appeared bottom due to its lack of amenities.

Despite a recent cash influx thanks to the success of hosting EuroVision back in May, Liverpool has remained the most affordable destination, with the cheapest Premier League tickets advertised at just £9 in the upper main stand.

The most expensive stadium tickets were for Manchester City at the City of Manchester Stadium, where the average low price is £58.

Manchester City proved to be the priciest stadium out of the city’s warring clubs, with the cost of a pint setting punters back £5.30, while Old Trafford’s prices were 55% less at £3.40, offering fans much more value for money.

In fact, despite sharing the same city, Manchester City’s stadium amenity costs were found to be 68% more than Old Trafford, meaning they ranked 18th overall out of the 20 premier league clubs. Manchester United, however, came in seventh.

Speaking on the results, Ionut Marin, Chief Editor of KingCasinoBonus said, The Premier League is one of the most renowned events in football, with fans travelling from across the globe each weekend to cheer on their teams – and some spending a small fortune to do so.

“Big city clubs such as London and Manchester have often been the preferred destinations for fans looking to treat themselves to a weekend of football fun, so it was surprising to find the Northern city clubs such as Liverpool and Newcastle topping the list.”

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