London Mayor Sadiq Khan says May’s Brexit plans could “rip Britain apart”


The Mayor of London hits back at May…

Sadiq Khan hasn’t taken Theresa May’s Brexit plans to lightly, he says it could “rip Britain apart”.

He claimed the hard-lined approach as papering over splits in the Conservative party rather than doing what was best for the country.

In May’s speech on Tuesday she confirmed that the UK would pull out of the EUs single market, she hinted at a cap on European Union migrants as well as saying the final Brexit deal would be put to vote in parliament.

Writing in the Standard Khan said: “A hard-line approach to Brexit may hold the Conservative Party together, but it could rip Britain apart.”

“And if we continue on this path – towards a ‘hard Brexit’ – we risk having to explain to future generations why we knowingly put their economy, their prosperity and their place on the world stage in such peril.”

Khan insisted that London would remain Europe’s leading business hub after Brexit.