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London Football Club hits the back of the net with its ambitious net zero goal and partner with ClearVUE.Business net zero consultancy

by LLB Reporter
8th Jun 22 10:07 am

Watford Football Club hits the back of the net with its ambitious net zero goal after partnering with ClearVUE.Business net zero consultancy

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge faced by society today. The 2015 Paris Climate Accords highlighted the stark reality of the climate situation when it concluded that a catastrophic and irreversible climate disaster was inevitable – unless we limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of this century. The business sector alone accounts for 18% of CO₂ emissions in the UK and was responsible for 61.5 million tons of CO₂e emissions in 2020, according to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

With a climate disaster looming, now more than ever, businesses must take the initiative, demonstrate leadership, and rise to the challenge of growing expectations from stakeholders, customers, employees and their supply chain – all of which are demanding action to tackle the impending climate crisis. Research from Deloitte found that consumers alter their buying habits to ensure they support ethical businesses. The study revealed that one in three consumers would stop buying (or would not buy) from businesses that fail to demonstrate an eco-friendly or “green” business model.

Businesses that are too slow – or ignore the transition towards sustainability and net zero – not only face losing customers, but also risk losing the very climate upon which we all depend. They must realise the impact they are having on the world’s climate crisis and accept that they play a vital part in reversing its effects. We cannot afford to fail. The consequence of our inaction is simply too high.

On a positive note, forward-looking businesses are already partnering with ClearVUE to implement net zero strategies and transform the looming climate threat into a unique opportunity.

Realising their essential role in the journey towards a zero-carbon future, Watford FC has committed to net zero and begun its transformational journey to do its part in preventing the climate crisis. Watford FC’s Head of Procurement and Sustainability, Tarang Panchal, said: “We have the vision, the passion, and commitment to pursue net zero and play our part in reversing the climate emergency. But we realise the road to net zero, without a knowledgeable partner, would be an insurmountable task.”

Watford FC recognises the influential role it plays in the community and wants to lead by example. They are committed to inspiring local businesses and future generations to embrace the net zero agenda. It has chosen to partner with ClearVUE, a specialist consultancy helping businesses develop comprehensive strategies to achieve their net zero targets.

As well as offering technology that provides businesses with a consumption, carbon monitoring and accounting platform, ClearVUE also offers expertise in audits, energy efficiency training, energy management, climate risk assessments, and emissions reporting legislation (ESOS, SECR). ClearVUE’s consultancy services also help businesses devise long-term strategies, guiding them on the pathway to realising their net zero and sustainability ambitions.

As part of the partnership with Watford FC, ClearVUE will be conducting a full audit of the club’s carbon emissions in both its upstream and downstream supply chains and will help Watford FC develop and implement an end-to-end net zero roadmap to be delivered over the next decade.

With clearly defined and actionable milestones, ClearVUE’s comprehensive strategy will allow Watford FC to take real-world, practical measures that have a lasting and meaningful impact on their journey towards net zero. Watford FC’s Tarang Panchal, continued: “It’s been hard to find a partner that not only aligns with our sustainability and net zero ambitions, but also has the expertise and knowledge to guide us on the net zero journey. We can’t stress enough the importance of finding the right partner, but with ClearVUE, we are confident we have the right partner to help us drive towards our longer-term objectives.”

Dan Smith, Director of Energy Services at ClearVUE, said, “At ClearVUE our ambition is to mitigate the damage businesses inflict on our climate – and ultimately reduce their carbon emissions to preserve our planet and create a more sustainable future. Our mission is to provoke and inspire change for the better by enabling businesses through our technology – to understand how their operations and behaviour affect the climate.

“By enabling businesses to understand exactly how, where, and when they are emitting carbon, they can begin to address their impact on our planet.”

Paul O’Brien, Watford FC’s Commercial Director, concluded, “We are very excited to embark on this journey over the next decade and get Watford FC to net zero. This is a family club at the heart of the community and always has been. Our hope is that one day when people look back at history, it is our generation they will credit for pioneering the transformation towards a greener, cleaner and more sustainable planet.

“We firmly believe that our partnership with ClearVUE will allow us to do our part in tackling the climate crisis, leaving the world a better place for future generations to come.”

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