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Living in vs. commuting to London

by Sarah Dunsby
30th May 23 3:40 pm

With many companies requiring a return to the office, this has left many people wondering how to approach their living situation. While people were flocking out of London during the pandemic, many are now being summoned back to the office, forcing them to make a more in-depth decision about where they base themselves. In extreme cases, some have even quit their jobs to avoid returning to the office. But what if there was a compromise? Often, it’s a case of balancing budgets and priorities.

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of living in London compared to commuting.

The pros and cons of living in London

When it comes to the benefits of living in London, the sheer access to such a rich, cultural hub of activities and amenities makes it a clear winner. From borough to borough, you’ll uncover museums, historical artefacts, cool eateries, theatres and an unrivalled selection of independent shops and chains. There’s always something to do in London, so if you want to embrace the vibrant city lifestyle, it’s a no-brainer. To top it off, the transport is very efficient, thanks to tube lines and other means of getting around

On the flip side, living in London can be very expensive, particularly when focusing on accommodation costs. On top of this, if you find busy areas overwhelming, it may not be top of your priority, as you truly have to embrace the ebbs and flows of the city lifestyle. Some locals find the tourists frustrating, for example. Certain parts of London also suffer from poor air quality and aren’t the cleanest either.

Why consider commuting to London?

If you find the right destination, you could find yourself saving a significant amount of money by avoiding the property prices and accommodation costs in London. You may also find it relieving to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you after a day at work. With this in mind, you might have better access to the countryside.

Depending on your chosen commuter town, housing and accommodation can still be very costly, so be sure to find somewhere that fits your budget. Then of course, you need to factor in the commuting costs, whether that involves driving or getting public transport. Perhaps a season ticket will be a worthy investment. The commute itself will take a chunk out of your day compared to living in London itself.

Top three towns to commute to London from

The top three London commuter towns have been listed as Woking in Surrey, Reading in Berkshire and Slough in Berkshire. This decision has been based on factors such as affordability and the amenities available while offering the best of both worlds with easy transitioning between moving in and out of the London bubble. You can seek out more well-designed new builds in Reading for example, and take advantage of a wealth of amenities, safe with the knowledge that travelling to London can take just 25 minutes by train.

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