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Labour takes 42% of vote share vs 27% for the Conservatives

by LLB political Reporter
28th Jan 24 12:21 pm

Opinium’s latest poll reveals Labour’s lead has increased to 16 points over the Conservatives, from a 14-point lead a fortnight ago.

Labour’s vote share increased by 2 points, taking them to 42% (+2), whilst the Conservatives remain on 27% (n/c). The Liberal Democrats dropped slightly to 10% (-1), SNP remain on 3% (n/c), the Greens on 6% (n/c) and Reform UK remain on 10% (n/c).

Keir Starmer’s approval ratings are up 6 points from a fortnight ago, with 31% approving, however he still remains in net negative territory as 35% disapprove of the job he is doing, giving an overall rating of -3%.

Meanwhile Rishi Sunak has seen no improvement in his approval rating and remains on -30% (24% approving, 54% disapproving).

Ed Davey – who saw a dip in his rating as the Post Office scandal made the headlines earlier in the month – has recovered 4 percentage points he lost in that period and currently has a net approval rating of -9%.

When asked who the best Prime Minister would be, Keir Starmer maintains an 8-point lead over Rishi Sunak (30% to 22%).

Housing enters the top 5 most important issues facing the country

When looking at what the public sees as the most important issues facing the country, the key issues have remained largely stable over the last four months, with Health/NHS continuing to top the list with two thirds (64%) selecting it as a top issue, followed by the economy (42%). Immigration and energy/power have not changed, but housing/house prices has now entered the top 5 most important issues in 5th place, with 22% choosing this.

The majority of the public believe a Labour government led by Starmer would be the best at handling most issues, including the five most important, with Labour taking a significant 25-point lead (41%) against the Conservatives (16%) on the issue of Healthcare/NHS. Similarly, Labour maintains a strong 6-point lead against the Conservatives when it comes to the economy. A Labour government now leads the Conservatives in all issues but defence and terrorism.

Adam Drummond, Head of Political and Social Research at Opinium said, “The trend persists of minimal shifts since our last poll.

“Labour maintains a commanding double-digit lead, while Sunak’s ratings continue to be poor but remain steady. Despite a 6-point uptick in Starmer’s approval ratings, public enthusiasm for him remains muted, with his ratings lingering in negative territory.

“Amid speculation of a 99% mortgage scheme proposal, housing has ascended to one of the top five concerns in the public’s perception of the country’s challenges. Worrying for the Tories is the lack of indication, as we enter an election year, that they can restore public confidence in their handling of issues.

“Labour continues to hold a lead on being best placed to handle all of the top 5 issues the public think the country is facing.”

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