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Keep your business data safe while staff work from home

by Sarah Dunsby
10th Mar 21 2:50 pm

Covid-19, lockdown and tiers are all terms that many of us are coming to hate. However, this is now our life. We will never go back to how it was, and arguably this pandemic has changed the way many of us live and work. Depending on your profession, working from home has become the new normal. Furthermore, this pandemic has become a playground for hackers, scammers and the people that we fear.

Since the health crisis, it has been reported that over 4,000 cyberattacks occur every day. Sadly, individuals are taking advantage of small and medium businesses with low security. Therefore, being vigilant and protecting your employees, data, and customers is essential. This article demonstrates why you should be using an effective VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The importance of using VPNs when working remotely

Understandably, companies, individuals, and freelancers have all had to change the way that we work. We start getting back to normality; then boom we’re back at home. However, the issue with so many people working from home, it gains the attention of unwanted visitors and scammer.

Thus, it has never been more vital to protect yourself with a secure and affordable Virtual Private Network. Furthermore, if you select a decent VPN business plan, it will ensure that all your staff, computers, devices, including tablets and phones, are protected.

The adverse effect of COVID-19 and cyber security

We’re confident that you have been glued to the TV to see what the next tier systems are going to hold. Besides, how this lockdown is going to impact the way that you conduct business. We have all been encouraged to continue working from home. However, as an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that there are no security breaches while your employees work from home.

Technology has literally helped many of us through this pandemic; without it, we are certain that many people will be facing financial difficulty. So, with this in mind, the logical approach is to ensure that your company, device and staff members are protected from these cyber attacks. Unfortunately, it can and will happen to anyone. If a hacker finds a hole or a loop, you need to remember they will take full advantage.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your data to avoid any backlash, including loss of clients, income, and worse, your business’s closure. Despite the warnings, companies are still not utilising reliable, safe and secure virtual private networks. Nowadays, there are tons of affordable options, which surely meet your needs.

Not only that, but many of these services have also experienced fraud or cyber-attacks too. Generally, many affordable services work, and they tend to be companies that have sadly had a negative experience. As mentioned, this article aims to educate you on the importance of using a VPN especially if you are working remotely. Use one of the best-known resources like Private Internet Access VPN for peace of mind.

Think about this scenario: How many have you received calls for insurance to say that it’s no longer valid? Or have you received a dodgy text that isn’t even about your bank? Well, these are two minor examples of how data is stolen. It would be an understatement to say that hackers are ruthless.

The benefits of VPNs when working remotely

We feel that we have explained the importance of why you should consider implementing a virtual private network. There are many options available, from cloud services to hardware, but you need to ensure you check the reviews and select a service that applies to your business.

So, before we complete this article, we feel that it would be valuable to list the primary benefits of utilising a VPN. Generally, the preferred solution that applies to most businesses is to ensure that your remote worker is protected. They do this by ensuring that there is an established, private “tunnel.” This then means that you are completely secured and protected.

Top 5 benefits of using a VPN

  1. It encompasses and protects your data, employees, as well as demonstrate your best practices.
  2. Protects all users from their home, as well as your company premises.
  3. Affordable solutions available, with immediate protection
  4. Allows you to access data securely and remotely.
  5. Can protect all your users regardless of their geographic locations.

The bottom line

Ultimately, protecting your data is essential, regardless if we are working remotely. Therefore, you must begin to integrate VPNs to become normal in your establishment

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