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ISIS terror cell suspected of practising beheadings in Spanish enclave in Morocco

6th Sep 17 4:43 pm

‘Large scale’ attacks were being prepared

Spanish and Moroccan police have arrested one Spaniard and five Moroccans who are part of an Islamist terror cell.

The terror suspects were practising beheadings and also how to slit people’s throats, they were in their advanced stage, according to the Spanish interior ministry.

One Spanish Moroccan was arrested in the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Morocco and five are thought to have been arrested in Nador and Beni Chiker in Morocco, where the terror cell became active.

Officials from Spain’s interior ministry, said Wednesday that two forces, “dismantled a jihadist terror cell made up of six individuals, one of whom was arrested in Melilla and five in Morocco.”

They added: “An investigation by the Moroccan security services found evidence that this group was planning large-scale terror attacks, holding discreet night time meetings during which they carried out physical training and simulated murder by decapitation.”

The Moroccan interior ministry gave a similar statement, but added the terror cell members were, “training how to slit throats with knives,” according to MAP news agency.

The agency further reported that they were also “planning to carry out a range of execution operations in Morocco and Spain.”

The leader of the ISIS terror cell is a 39-year-old Spaniard from Melilla, the ministry said: “He used his position as an assistant teacher in a center for reeducating minors to carry out recruitment activities and to radicalize young people in a vulnerable situation.”

He was arrested in Morocco by security forces.

Spain has arrested 199 people who have been accused of links to extremism since 2015.

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