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Interview Do’s and Don’ts

26th Jul 17 10:38 am

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Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s a role that you really want.

Luckily, LondonOffices.com have put together a list of the essential do’s and don’ts that you should always follow with every job interview. 

Chris Meredith, CEO of  LondonOffices.com said: “First impressions are vital to the success of your interview.

“You need to make sure you leave the interviewer feeling like they’ve found the best possible person for the role. To do this, it’s important to show off your skills, personality and your dedication to success.

“To make sure your interview doesn’t end before it’s even began, follow our guide to the essential do’s and don’ts.”


1. Your research

Always do some extensive research on the company before you attend the interview. It’s also important that you research the people who will be interviewing you. If you don’t know who they are, then ask. Displaying some good knowledge about their professional background can make a great first impression. 

2. Ask for the essential information

It’s important you are aware of the type of interview you are having. If you are not told, then you need to ask. You should also ask how long the interview is and for the exact location of the interview (street name, office number, floor of building). This will allow you to plan the interview day in advance. 

3. Ask questions

During the interview, remember to ask plenty of intelligent questions about the job and industry, to show you’re interested in the role. Asking questions will also help determine whether the company would be the right place to work for you. 

4. Dress the part

It’s important to dress for success when you are attending interviews. You need to look smart and professional. Always make sure your shoes are clean and polished, you have a well-groomed hairstyle and you’re dressed conservatively. 

5. Come prepared

Aim to arrive about 10 minutes before the time that has been arranged. Remember to also bring a notepad, just in case you need to write anything down during the interview. 

6. Show enthusiasm and interest

If you feel the role is perfect for you, always remember to tell the interviewer that you’re very interested in the job. You should also inform the interviewer that they can email or phone you if they think of any additional questions. 

7. Ask about the next steps in the hiring process

It’s important to ask who you need to stay in touch with after the interview and it’s good if you can get their contact details while you’re there. You should also enquire as to when they’ll be back in touch with you. 


1. Think you don’t need to prepare anything

You need to make sure you are fully prepared for the interview. Don’t assume that you can impress without trying. 

2. Arrive late

You should have fully prepared how long it’ll take you to get there and you should have the exact location of the interview. This therefore leaves you no excuse to be late. Arriving late will set a bad first impression. 

3. Eat, drink or chew gum in interviews

It goes without saying that you should never do anything that would make you look unprofessional, so eating, drinking or chewing gum should always be avoided. 

4. Enquire about salary or holidays

Don’t enquire about salary, holidays, bonuses, pensions or other benefits until you have received a job offer. There’s plenty of time to do that if you get the job. 

5. Offer negative information about yourself

Even if you are being self-depreciating – never offer negative information about yourself. Don’t give the interviewer anything that would make them think badly of you. Stay positive at all costs.

6. Answer questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Every question that’s asked to you needs to be answered in detail. If you do answer with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ explain wherever possible. You need to show the interviewer that you have relevant skills and determination for the role. 

7. Leave your phone on

Never respond to calls or texts during the interview. Keep your mobile switched off and hidden away. 

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