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Hundreds of thousands of Brexit campaigners march in London

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
23rd Mar 19 2:28 pm

Hundreds of thousands of people have begun the ‘Put it to the People’ march in central London, they are demanding a final say over Brexit.

Thousands of anti-Brexit demonstrators started the march at Midday from Marble Arch making their way to Hyde Park then onward to Parliament.

People are, cheering, blowing whistles and shouting “peoples vote” which is the main backdrop of the noise through the streets of London.


Demonstrators can be seen carrying placards saying the words, “Revoke Article 50” and others read, “We’re marching to demand a people’s vote.”

A video of the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan shows a crowd of demonstrators joining in on the countdown.

A record-breaking online petition on Parliaments website has now reached more than 4.3m signatures, to revoke Article 50.

Layla Morgan, Liberal Democrat MP said the petition could “give oxygen” to possibly, revoking Article 50.

Campaigners said around 2pm on Saturday that the front of the march has already reached Whitehall and “hundreds of thousands of people” are still due to start the march from Park Lane.


Labour MP, Stella Creasy speaking at the march told Sky News, “people need to be heard now in this debate.

“People have watched parliament for the last two and a half, three years, going round and round in circles.

“We now know what Brexit will mean. The prime minister has a deal. Parliament keeping saying no. She hasn’t listened to that.

“Maybe it’s about time she listened to the people.”

Khan who is due to address the march later today said to Sky News, “Whether you voted for remaining in the European Union or to leave the European Union, whichever political party you support, I think we can all agree the path we’re being forced down is not in the national interest.

“It will make us poorer not richer, so it will make us weaker not stronger, and it is making us more divided not more united.

“The good thing is there are politicians from all parties here today…united in actually thinking that Brexit has been complete and utter chaos.”

Other speakers at the rally include Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, the former attorney general, Dominic Grieve and former Tory now Independent party MP, Anna Soubry.

Soubry told the BBC, “It’s good to see Tom Watson coming on the march today… I honestly believe it’s the only way forward.

Adding, “It’s intolerable the situation that we’re in and I’m afraid Theresa’s the problem.

“I’m not saying the government should go because that’s the last thing we want, but I think she has to go and we need some temporary prime minister who can reach out, put the country first, get this back to the British people, that’s what we’re all marching for today, a people’s vote.”

Watson is expected to say to campaigners later today, “I’ve come to the reluctant view that the only way to resolve this and have legitimacy in the eyes of the public is for the people themselves to sign it off.”

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