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How will Brexit affect the UK’s pharmaceutical industry?

by John Saunders
8th Mar 19 12:09 pm

A new study into US pharmaceutical executives has revealed the UK will be looked as a worse destination to set up shop post Brexit.

Britain has historically enjoyed privileged status for US companies looking to expanding into Europe, offering a common language, world-class talent, a reputation of excellence in clinical research and easy access to the European medicines regulatory agency.

However, when asked by international life sciences consultancy Alacrita, if the UK would be a more or less attractive prospect to set up an European head office after Brexit, over two thirds (69%) of US pharma executives said that this move would make the UK a less attractive prospect.

52% of US executives also believed that Brexit would make Britain a less attractive destination to host clinical trials.

The UK is currently the preferred EU country for clinical trials and also the top choice when it comes to choosing where to base an EU head office. It is second to Germany when it comes to the best country for launching a new pharmaceutical product.

Alacrita have put the results of this survey into an infographic below.

The Special Pharma Relationship
Provided by Alacrita

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