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How washdoctors has taken over the car wash industry

by Sarah Dunsby
28th Jul 22 3:53 pm

It is not surprising that the car washing industry is struggling with the decline in customer loyalty. That is why companies like Washdoctors are thriving. Their vision is to revolutionise the industry by creating an app that makes taking care of your car a stress-free and time-saving experience. Read on to find out how they have managed to achieve this feat.

The Washdoctors app

Will Mapstone, the founder of Wash Doctors, has been at the helm of a new revolution in the car care industry – an app that allows customers to order car washing services on the go. The company uses eco-friendly cleaning products and apps to stay one step ahead of the competition. Will started his first business when he was just 23 and has grown it into a high-growth company. The company has three core values – perseverance, passion, and tech-savvy.

The app is easy to use, allowing customers to schedule a car wash every two weeks. Washdoctors technicians arrive at your home or office on time, and work seven days a week, from 7am to 7pm. The car wash is eco-friendly because Washdoctors doesn’t use water or electricity to clean the car. The app offers free parking spaces for customers and even has a recycling bin outside.

Formulas and equipment

The Formulas of Washdoctors have completely revolutionised the car wash industry. These revolutionary car wash chemicals provide a complete washing and detailing service without scratching the paint. The innovative formulas lift dirt from the surface, emulsify it, and remove it safely. The end result is a long-lasting shine. The formulas are light and allow car wash operators to focus on customer service while offering a competitive pricing structure.

The focus of friction cleaning is using detergents to clean and protect the vehicle surface and set the stage for the most effective application of waxes and sealers. Moreover, friction cleaning suppliers are committed to maintaining relationships with car wash operators and listening to feedback. Then, they develop new products or discuss how to reposition equipment. The result is that mobile car wash owners benefit from innovative formulas and cutting-edge equipment.

How much does it cost?

The Washdoctors mobile car wash service is a convenient and affordable way to get your car washed. They come to you and ensure your vehicle gets the attention it needs.

Washdoctors offers a wide range of services for their customers. You can get your car fully valeted from just £33 and remember, they come to you so you won’t have the hassle of queuing up for a local wash, you can sit back and relax whilst a valeter gives your car a new lease of life.

Washdoctors also offers exterior-only or interior-only services so you can choose the required service.

A trusted local professional technician carries out all the services that Washdoctors offer so you can have full peace of mind that you’ll be in good hands.

Why choose Washdoctors?

The newest app in town offers a car-wash service that matches local workers with customers. WashDoctors was founded on the idea of saving time for both car owners and car washing service providers. The app lets car owners pinpoint their car’s location on a map and go about their day, knowing their vehicle is being cleaned. William Mapstone, the founder of WashDoctors, believes that technology is the answer to a time-consuming and stressful job.

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