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How to start a travel franchise UK based

by Sarah Dunsby
12th Dec 20 1:14 pm

There are many travel franchises for sale in UK locations and they are an excellent business opportunity. All you need is some finance, determination and hard work. With the right franchise partner, you could be running your own business and earning a decent living in no time. So, how to franchise? How do you start a travel franchise in the UK? Well read on to learn more.

Step One: Create a list of your assets

The first thing that you should do before looking at travel franchise opportunities is to create a list of your assets. This includes the financial assets you’re willing to spend on your new business, buildings, IT and your skills. This can help you to find the right travel franchise early on.

Spend some time on this and be honest with yourself. There are lots of travel franchises for sale in the UK and each one requires a different type of person. Don’t make it harder for yourself by trying to fit a persona you’re not.

Step Two: Decide on what type of travel franchise you want

The next step is to think about what is the right travel franchise for you. There are lots of options. You could want to run a hotel as part of a chain (like easyHotel) or you could want to travel the country and run events (like with HZ Entertainment).

You’ve got to think about the lifestyle you want. If you want a business opportunity that allows you to travel, you need to find one with that opportunity. If you want to stay in an area and show people how beautiful your city/town/village is, then you need to find one that matches that.

You also need to work out whether you want to work from home or part-time. While some franchise opportunities in the UK will allow this, some will not. Most will have this information available upfront. Even if they don’t, you can often work out which can be run from home.

Step Three: Decide on what level of return you want

Another important consideration is to determine what level of return you want. If you’re looking for a business with high returns, be sure you know that.

Part of this will depend heavily on what style of lifestyle you’re looking for. Returns on your investment can have a significant range and you should also look at what those returns mean in terms of profit and revenue.

Step Four: Search the list of available travel franchises for sale in UK locations

The next step is to take your list of assets with your lifestyle demands and find the right travel franchise for you. You can use a franchise finder to help.

These will list the opportunities of what travel franchises are available in the UK. They will include what you will need to start a franchise, the expectations of the franchise and what support you will get.

When going down the list, check off your requirements against your needs. Be sure to not consider any UK franchise offer when it doesn’t match your needs.

For every franchise that you like the look of, you should create a list of questions about the franchise. Questions can range from the support that is provided, to recommended investment levels. Information is key to finding the right travel franchise.

Step Five: Contact potential franchises

Next, you need to speak to the travel franchises to find out more about them. All franchises will have a dedicated person or team who can speak to them. This is the most important phone call. Treat this like an interview. If they don’t like you, they can end the opportunity, even if you want to continue.

Therefore, ensure that you’re in a quiet location that can allow you to think and talk in peace. Remember to ask them lots of questions and answer their questions carefully. Be upfront and honest with the amount you can invest both financially and with your time.
At the end of the call, ensure that you know what the next steps are. All planned actions should have a time frame, so you can track progress.

Step Six: Start the franchise process

Every UK travel franchise has a different process on how you apply and start. Be sure that you know what the process is. Follow the instructions of the franchise carefully. At the same time, you should start marketing your opportunity. The earlier you start to marketing, the better start you will get.


There are several travel franchises for sale in UK locations and each one is a wonderful opportunity. They can give you control of your career and the freedom to earn the revenue you want.

The process for starting a UK travel franchise isn’t a hard process, but it’s one that needs to be carefully followed. This allows you to build a successful and long-term business that you can be proud of.

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